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    What’s the value or benefits of ‘certification’ in lead climbing?

    I am traveling to Krabi, Thailand next week. I’m primarily a boulderer, but saw there are 2-3 day lead climbing courses available and think it would be affordable and worthwhile to learn those skills.

    One school is ‘certified’ (following the syllabus and standards of the South East Asian Climbing Federation and American Mountain Guides http://www.realrocksclimbing.com ) but is twice the cost and longer duration than another adjacent school http://www.krabirockclimbing.com/

    Hence the question.

    I’m happy to pay more if it’s better quality, will save my life, but given sport and trad is not currently a major focus or ambition am not sure it’s worth it.

    Thanks an advance for any advice!

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    Do the proper certified one. Could save your life…. is the cash you save enough to cover hospital treatment or worse? Do it properly if you think having those skills are worthwhile, even if sport/trad isn’t that big for you right now. More options for future climbing.

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    Thanks Ang.

    Do you (or others) know if the SEACF or AMGA certifications are recognised in Australia?

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    So many times I have seen climbers teaching other climbers stuff that is third hand knowledge (crap). Do a course, totally worth it.

    I have found that the most expensive ones aren’t always the best. I have always ensured my instructor was certified though!

    A three day course would be sweet! Even after the course there is heaps to learn, so unless you have the gear and are planning on reinforcing the skills straight after I don’t think it would matter. If it is not a focus or ambition then maybe get a guide. Guides are awesome, but aren’t always keen to teach.

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    Thanks again for the guidance provided. I did a 3-day lead climbing course with Real Rocks. The guide was very professional, instruction excellent, and it opened my eyes to a lot of dangerous stuff being done by others around us. Am confident that I can keep others, and myself, safe and am continuing to practise what I learned.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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