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    Peter Buzzacott

    Good news – Bad news.

    On the one hand the Wellington Dam is getting a huge facelift and being structurally reinforced, which is good news for anyone below the dam worried about it lifting off it’s foundations.

    Unfortunately, the company undertaking the work has taken up residence in the picnic area below the climbing cliffs. A few weeks ago the car-park was still unfenced and you could walk around the portable buildings and rope-up. Alas, they have now fenced off the whole picnic area and it appears there is a 24-hour guard to stop people climbing.

    It is unclear if we can still clip-on up-top, abseil down (without touching the ground below) and climb back up, like on a self-belay.

    Ho-hum, hopefully the cliffs will re-open for next summer.


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    Mark Steele

    I just returned from 2 years up north and have visited the Welly Dam quarry several times recently as i live a short distance away.

    On the first 2 occasions the fence and buildings were there but the fence was unlocked allowing access. Friends of mine recently visited and were told to leave and were told that work was due to start today (monday 11th jan).

    I think they spoke to someone who mentioned getting in touch with the water corp (lady in kiosk above quarry maybe) and i believe there were also mentions of a smaller access gate to the area in question.

    I did not notice any signs and have not read anything in local papers about what/when/where etc. I have been told that they are perhaps building a viewing/access platform on top of the dam and drilling/inserting steel reinforcements into the dam wall itself.

    Im keen to climb there but dont want to endanger any workers, members of the pulic or the reputation of climbing w.a. by abseiling/climbing in a restricted area. Ive got to travel back to Kununurra for a week this friday so wont be able to commit much time to the climbing cause but if i dont hear much back this week i will be contacting the water corp and the local authrities myself and asking about access.


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    Mark Weatherill

    Older post about this here: forum.climberswa.asn.au/default.asp?view=message&id=1176

    In summary: closed January 2008 to June 2010.

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    Peter Buzzacott

    Thanks Mark – that clears that up.

    Oh well, time to check out that little quarry in the forrest a few Kms back towards Bunbury.


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