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    hay i was woundering about joining i have gear but lak expeirents i like climbing a lote and woundered how many people turn out to the events .

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    Not bad. Not bad at all.

    At least six grammatical errors and seven spelling errors in a sentence that makes almost no sense whatsoever! That must be some kind of record. Additionally, from what I think the query is asking, it’s also posted in the wrong section of the forum.

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    time for someone to get laid ‘Numbat’….

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    Yes ‘.’, you’re probably right.

    But at least I am not so lazy and ignorant as to put up such incomprehensible rubbish as ‘brayden’ does.

    I find it insulting that someone would write such drivel and expect a sensible answer, and I would certainly not climb with someone who advertises that they either can’t be bothered or are incapable of constructing a logical sentence.

    ‘OK, now watch me here, Braydon. This bit is the crux.’

    ‘year. KO. Wat yu wunt i do. Tak inn or … arh farg. c’unt bothard. Um gun tar pub git peesed.’

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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