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Friday 26th February, close to 20 CAWA members started to arrive at the Stirling Range retreat for a weekend of traditional climbing organised by Jiri.

A few early arrivals eagerly carried out a reconnaissance trip to Bluff knoll to get a feel for the approach to the classic line Hell Fire Gully. Due to wet weather conditions, an interesting hike was had by the party of three, Matt, Lily and James. Back at camp, tents, swags, rooftop tents, and vans arrived. Discussions of the weekend activities, along with warm greetings and introductions, were made over camp dinners.

Saturday 27th February conditions were ideal for Talyuberlup peak. To the summit it is a 365m vertical climb. Jiri called it “character building”, a few in the group were not convinced. Classic lines Nailbite, Manicure, Stirling moss, Clockwork orange and one or two new lines, put up just a week before by Jonas and collective, were enjoyed by various teams of two or three climbers in single and multipitch styles. Breath taking scenery and the odd bird of prey was spotted. Not to mention the onlookers from the tourist trail next to the climbing area. A great debrief at camp saw entertaining tales of climbing adventures shared over food, wine and maybe some single malt.

Sunday 28th February plans to do Mount Trio on an overcast day, resulting in another “character building” vertical hike to see the climbing area shrouded in clouds. Plan B saw us in Albany for lunch, then the Amphitheatre near the Gap. Fun was had at the beginner’s wall climbers sending routes like Accelerator, Hot cross bun, Neapolitan and at the chasm area Red Peril. One group, Natalie, Tim, Sam, and Matt, went to Peak head to climb the classic three-star multi-pitch, Albatross.

A long day saw everyone decide on dinner in Albany, but on a long weekend with 18 people, the restaurants were at capacity. After much searching, we decided to spread the love and $$. Chinese, kebabs, sushi and other food options were enjoyed in smaller groups. All returned to camp happy with the day’s activities and hearty meals.

Monday 1st March, some climbers had to return to Perth at this point. A few stayed to return to Mount Trio and another ” character building” vertical hike to the Southern buttress. Three teams climbed classic multi-pitch lines Ripemoff and Sysiphus. Stunning views once again, although a front did make the top rather cold, windy, and wet. Non the less an altogether exhilarating time was had by all. Michelle and Merel kindly supplied hot tea and coffee in the car park before the drive back to Perth.

Thank you, Jiri, for all the hard work organising and orchestrating one of the best climbing weekends with CAWA.

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