Update on Kalbarri Climbing and Camping



CAWA has received a letter from DPaW’s Midwest Regional Manager (link below), concerning the rediscovered rock wallabies and how this affects management of the area.

This letter and the Kalbarri gorge camping question were discussed at length at the committee meeting on 9 December 2015. Prior to this discussion the committee has seen, heard and obtained the views of a good number of climbers about camping at The Promenade. The committee notes that climbing access to The Promenade has been preserved and that DPaW will provide an alternative campground near the Z-Bend car park. The committee also notes that DPaW is committed to full consultation with CAWA in the development of the conservation plan over the next 6 months. Given these important points and the conservation significance of the rediscovery of the rock wallabies, the committee has unanimously agreed to accept the management provisions outlined in this letter.

The committee will ensure full consultation between CAWA and DPaW does occur, with ample opportunity for member comment being provided along the way.

While the committee’s primary concern is maintaining climbing access, we also appreciate the need for a reasonable camping alternative and are committed to ensuring that the alternative campsite near the Z-Bend carpark is operational prior to the start of the 2016 climbing season. We have been assured by DPaW that it will be.

Any significant developments will be posted on this site.

DPaW letter to CAWA re rock wallaby population


CAWA Committee

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