Western Climber Needs You!

Prizes up for grabs!

Dear members,

We are just in the process of putting together the autumn issue of Western Climber.

CAWA relies on contributions from members to complete each issue.

We will not be able to complete the current issue without some additional contributions from members.

So CAWA is offering a number of prizes for contributions to the current issue of Western Climber.

Contributions may take the form of photos, articles or simply e-mails to CAWA or the editor.

If you have been thinking of making a contribution to Western Climber then now is the time, so that you may be illegible to receive one of the number of prizes that are available.

Contributions do not have to be a extensive or detailed and very short contributions are encouraged.

Things like new route descriptions or info, climbing points of view or topics of interest, questions or comments to CAWA or the editor.

We hope to hear from you soon.

If you are interested please submit your contributions on or before 12 May 2018.

Contributions to Western Climber can be submitted by e-mail to Woody (garethw@climberswa.asn.au) or me (dirkk@climberswa.asn.au).

Happy climbing!

Dirk Klicker

Vice President

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