Mt Randall Bouldering Trip May 21st or 22nd (depending on weather)

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Me - Some other thing

Photo credit – The Legendary Peter Zhang

Beautiful forest, easy(ish) access and great blocks with a variety of styles and grades.  This is bouldering at Mt Randall and CAWA are organising a trip out there.


Mt Randall bouldering is about 45min – 1hrs drive from Perth CBD followed by about a 10 min walk in (map + topo will be provided). Boulder mats, eskies, water and safety equipment will be driven to the boulders using 4WDs but there is very limited parking at the boulders so most climbers will have to do the walk in.


Climbers are responsible for their own transport on the day.  Having said that, if you have no transport and still want to participate, let me know and I will organise some car pooling for you.

What you will need

Water and food for the day, climbing shoes and chalk.

How to register

Please email me ( to register before mid-day Wednesday 18/05/16 please. Once registrations are received, we will provide further information.

Other important information

Notice – We want lots of people to come along but due to our insurance cover all participants must be current CAWA members. Non-members that are keen to come along can join CAWA online here.

Disclaimer – Due to legal and liability issues, CAWA does not provide training on trips.  All climbers must be independent participants who are completely responsible for themselves.  If you are an inexperienced climber, then have a chat to some of the more experienced climbers you know and see if they are planning to attend. Participants under the age of 18 must have a parent, guardian or other responsible person to accompany them.

Brian - Aint No Doozy

Photo credit – The Legendary Peter Zhang

Look forward to seeing you there.

Gareth Wood

CAWA Committee Member


President’s Report – CAWA Committee Meeting, 23 March 2016

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Hi everyone and welcome to the new 2016 CAWA committee.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Mark Edele and I’ve just been elected as the President for CAWA in 2016. My climbing background is fairly varied. Growing up in Bavaria, my father trained me as an alpinist, with heavy boots and tying directly into the rope. We were climbing according to the “three-points-fixed” and “the-leader-does-not-fall” rules. In my teens I got interested in bouldering and sports climbing, until a 7c in Ceuse dislocated my shoulder. This injury in my early 20s ended my first climbing career. After shoulder reconstruction and two decades of marathon running, triathlon, and bike racing I returned to the rocks in 2011. I joined CAWA in the same year and served as treasurer in 2015. These days I climb up to the low 20s (on a good day) and prefer trad climbing to sport routes, but do both. I boulder if I have no other option, but I’m scared of breaking an ankle! I am married and have a daughter, Anna, a seven year old crusher and CAWA member. You can usually find us Monday afternoons at Rockface or the Boulder Hub and me Wednesdays at Rockface and on the weekends at local crags.If you see me around the gyms or crags please come and say hello, I’d love to chat to you about all things climbing or any questions or concerns you may have.

Willyabrup 04 - 04-03-13
We had our first meeting as the new CAWA committee on 23 March 2016 at Rosie O’Grady’s. We are fortunate to have a diverse range of experienced climbers on the committee, and for the first time in years it’s full! You can check out the new committee here. This also provides you with contact details if you need to get in touch with anyone.

One of the tasks we have set for ourselves this year is to improve communication between the committee and ordinary members. As part of this effort, I will write a blog entry after each committee meeting summarizing what we discussed. This does not replace your right, as a member of CAWA to read the minutes of the meetings, rather, I hope it will help keep you informed so you will know when to exercise this right.

The first meeting was largely an organizational one, but you’ll be happy to know we decided to plan the full year of CAWA trips for you in advance. More information at and don’t worry, we will also send out reminders closer to the date in case you forget! There is the now a rack full of trips to Kalbarri, Eaglestone, Margaret River, and Albany; we will also continue to run gym crashes every other month. Given we have a number of experienced boulderers on the committee we are excited to include a day bouldering trip this year. If you haven’t bouldered before, come along and try out a new style of climbing, you might get hooked! We are still discussing what other events (including training) we will be able to offer in addition to those on the current list for the year. I will keep you posted and in the meantime please feel free to get in touch with any requests.

In order to handle access issues, we formed an Access Subcommittee, chaired by Vice President Dan Binks. Dirk Klicker, Gareth Wood, Remi Vignals, Nathan Cole, and Peter Thomas. The Access Subcommittee will handle access issues as directed by the CAWA committee. If you become aware of any access issues, want to work toward re-opening climbing at Wallcliffe, are looking to develop an area or need more information, please get in touch with Dan.

In order to encourage committee members to not forget that they are a governing committee of a climbers’ association, we also formed the “Subcommittee on Sending.” The following rules apply:

  1. All Committee members are automatically members of the Subcommittee on Sending.
  2. Sends are to be reported at each Committee meeting and acclaimed by the rest of the Committee
  3. Only outdoor sends count. No plastic.
  4. Any member who fails to send anything for more than one month, will be excluded from the subcommittee. S/he will be the subject of generalized pity.
  5. An excluded subcommittee member will be readmitted upon sending at least two climbs between two committee meetings.
  6. Any sends count – no matter the grade or height (boulder problems count).

We’ll see how many of us will survive as members of the subcommittee. I am glad to report that the President has his send for the month in the bag (Slash and Burn, 19, Churchmans) and will hence remain on the subcommittee for the time being.

Finally, we discussed issues for the year ahead. They include:

  • ongoing management of access issues
  • focus on communication and a more presence in social media
  • legal changes for associations requiring some action on our part
  • the revision of our somewhat archaic constitution
  • further improvements to the western climber

We are also looking at things we could do better, some of these include:

  • improving the website and blog
  • plastic membership cards
  • once-off insurance options for non-members to join trips
  • member feedback

The next committee meeting is scheduled for 27 April. If there are any issues you would like to bring to the attention of the Committee, please do not hesitate to contact me (

Meanwhile, have fun climbing and check your knot.

Mark Edele

CAWA President

Adjourned CAWA AGM: Monday 14 March 2016

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Bugger. We didn’t achieve quorum at the planned AGM on 22 February 2016. What does this mean? We weren’t able to conduct any of the formal business such as elections, so we now must organise an adjourned AGM. It will be held at a different venue.

Several members have asked what ‘proxy’ and ‘quorum’ mean and why they are important. Proxy means you authorise another member who will be at the meeting, to vote on your behalf, when you can’t physically be there. A proxy is only valid when the form is fully completed and submitted in advance, by the specified date and time. Quorum means the minimum number of members that need to be present either physically or by a proxy form, to enable the formal business to be legally conducted. By submitting a proxy, you are included in the quorum, thereby helping to make up the numbers we need to proceed on the night.

Only full members (over the age of 18) are entitled to vote at a general meeting.

We totally understand that members may not be able to make the meeting but please, please, please send in your proxies following the instructions provided by email and snail mail (and on the form itself) if you can’t make it. We need you or your proxy form! We know everyone is busy and it’s easy to put it on the ‘do later’ pile and then forget.

Members should have received their invite and proxy form by snail mail by now.

The Perth Rock Climbing Guide ($25), Climb Tasmania ($45, limited copies) and CAWA T-shirts ($25) will be available. Please bring exact money.

Back by popular demand, the amazing technicolour 2016 CAWA calendar will also be on sale ($15). What greater piece of artwork could adorn your walls? Even better, a great gift for your partner, friend, someone you fancy and want to impress, climbing buddy, neighbour, workmate, random stranger…anyone really.

Please note that the AGM is a member only event.

Venue: Department of Sport and Recreation, 246 Vincent St, Leederville.
(Parking tip: FREE parking at the Loftus Centre, Cnr Vincent and Loftus St or paid street parking)

Time: Arrive 6 pm to register, for 6.30 pm sharp start.

You are most welcome to bring food and drink.

Look forward to seeing you all there (again)!

Dena Rao
CAWA President

CAWA AGM Photo Comp Winners – Best Bum Shot, Best Action Shot and Best Climbing Outfit

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Thank you to all those who entered photos into this years photo competition, and a great big thank you to the following gyms who donated the prizes: City Summit, The Hangout and The Rockface.


To celebrate the other aspects to climbing photography that are less well celebrated, we have also included three other categories. Congratulations to the following three winners:

Best Bum Shot


Rick Allen seconding the first pitch of Resignation (15), Mt Arapiles, VIC.

Photographer: KATE SWAIN


Best Action Shot

trent on lost aero spire highline_Olly Morell

Trent Potts on the Lost Arrow Spire highline.

Photographer: OLLY MORELL


Best Climbing Outfit

OUTFIT Rosie Keeping warn in the winter of Suirana - SPAIN_Remi Vignals

Rosie keeping warm in the Spanish winter of Suirana, SPAIN.

Photographer: REMI VIGNALS

CAWA AGM Photo Comp Winners – Climbing Everywhere Else

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Thank you to all those who entered photos into this years photo competition, and a great big thank you to the following gyms who donated the prizes: City Summit, The Hangout and The Rockface.


We had two main categories celebrating climbing in WA and those destinations located Everywhere Else.

Congratulations to the following winners for the Climbing Everywhere Else:

Trent potts on the great roof_Olly Morell

Trent Pots heading up to The Great Roof, on the Nose, El Capitan, Yosemite, USA.

Photographer: OLLY MORELL


Kate leading Death Row_(18) at Arapiles VIC_Chris Swain

Kate Swain leading Death Row (18) at Mt Arapiles, VIC.

Photographer: CHRIS SWAIN


Akira on L'utra mia 28 - Les Calanques, Marseille FRANCE_Remi Vignals

Akira on L’utra mia 28, Les Calanques, Marseille, FRANCE.

Photographer: REMI VIGNALS

CAWA AGM Photo Comp Winners – Climbing in WA

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Thank you to all those who entered photos into this years photo competition, and a great big thankyou to the following gyms who donated the prizes: City Summit, The Hangout, The Rockface.


We had two main categories celebrating climbing in WA and those destinations located Everywhere Else.

Congratulations to the following winners for the Climbing in WA:

Gareth Wood, KGB 26_Sam Jones

Gareth Wood on KGB (26) at Wilyabrup

Photographer: SAM JONES


Sebastian Fuller on Keith Goes Blank 15 - Kalbarri_Remi Vignals

Sebastian Fuller on Keith Goes Blank (15) on the Tourist Wall at Kalbarri National Park.

Photographer: REMI VIGNALS


Trent Potts He Won't Make Twenty new route Stirlings WA_Jonas Hollingworth

Trent Potts on a new route He Won’t Make Twenty, Stirling Range National Park.


CAWA Calendars 2016

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Calendar cover

CAWA Calendars are now for sale, please see a copy of the proof below. If you weren’t at the AGM last night, you can still purchase one for $15 celebrating the wild and wonderful climbing destinations throughout the State, and a few outstanding destinations overseas.

CAWA Calendar 2016 proof_PDF

To purchase a copy, just email:

I will run a copy over to your local gym for collection.

Climbing at Esperance

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There has been conflicting information about climbing in Esperance for some years now. Though we thought we had an arrangement in place with an agreement that no new bolts would be placed without permission, climbers would notify the ranger of their intention to climb and no climbing to occur at Frenchman’s Peak, some Department of Parks and Wildlife staff at the coalface have been telling climbers a different story. This has understandably created a great deal of confusion and frustration for everybody. It seems that there was ongoing and significant sensitivity about a few issues, including the previous placement of bolts in highly visible areas without permission being sought and suggestions that DPaW signage be disregarded. However, one of the things we sometimes also see in dealing with any access issues is an overly protective approach when it isn’t necessarily warranted, both in relation to the area and the activity. This can occur for many reasons, including lack of understanding about a particular activity and personal biases. Liability is always a concern for DPaW in relation to the activities that take place on the land they manage and regardless of what climbers think about that, unless individual ‘right to risk’ legislation is introduced in Australia, it will continue to feature in our conversations. Often it just requires education about the activity to put things in perspective but because of various non-climbing incidents that have occurred across the state in more recent years, general sensitivity to any possible risk has increased. I don’t think anyone enjoys giving evidence in court. So like any other activity, it simply needs to be managed, not stopped.

I’m very happy to announce that further discussion and negotiation with DPaW has resulted in a formal agreement regarding ongoing climbing access, with conditions that the CAWA committee considers to be reasonable. The existing conditions noted above still apply, with the additional requests that no new trails are to be constructed to climbing areas, climbing be avoided during wet soil conditions to avoid spreading dieback and information published (e.g. in climbing guides) is in accordance with current park use conditions. This access information also appears on the ‘restricted areas’ website page (under ‘climb’) here.

CAWA also made a detailed submission to the Esperance and Recherche Parks Draft Management Plan in early 2013 but this plan is yet to be finalised. There is no mention of rock climbing in the draft plan. However, on page 70, under Management Actions, point 3, it says, ‘Ensure all recreation and tourism developments as well as visitor activities are consistent with the department’s Policy Statement No. 18’, in which rock climbing is recognised. Part of the purpose of CAWA’s submission was to have rock climbing formally recognised as an adventure activity in the new plan and to provide important information about the activity. Park management plans are publicly available documents.

As always, please feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Dena Rao
CAWA President

Gym Crash 16th February 6:30pm at Rockface

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The next CAWA gym crash will be held at Rockface – 63b John Street, Northbridge.

Come along and have a boulder or partner up for top rope, there is also a lead section you can have a play on. Gym crashes are a great way to meet new climbing partners then feast on some delicious pizza.

Starts around 6:30 pm on Tuesday 16th February.

Special CAWA member entry cost is $10. FREE PIZZA for members – Look out for Andrew wearing a blue CAWA t-shirt to make sure you get your order in if you want to indulge, we will order around 7:15pm.

The Perth Rock Climbing Guide and CAWA t-shirts will be available for purchase ($25). It would be appreciated if you could bring the exact amount.

This is the last gym crash before the AGM on the 22nd February.

Gym crashes are a member benefit. Joining online is easy via the CAWA website homepage.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Andrew Cotterell
CAWA committee member

Mt Frankland Climbing Trip 4th-7th March

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CAWA invites all members to join us at Mount Frankland in the picturesque Karri forest north of Walpole, 400km south of Perth.

Mt Frankland is a 422 m high granite dome set in the middle of a beautiful karri forest, located in the Mt Frankland National Park. The main and most worthwhile climbing is on the main dome. Best known for its slab and face climbing, you will also find the odd crack as well. It involves multi-pitch climbing with a mix of bolted and traditional. You can just do the single pitch stuff but will run out of climbs fairly quickly and it is only possible to top rope a few climbs from the bottom. To get a better idea of the climbing, check out the West Australian Rock or the South Coast Rock guidebook and the newer climbs are detailed on the CAWA website at the link Mount Frankland New Climbs.

Camping is not allowed at Mt Frankland but for a small fee comfortable sites with a basic camp kitchen and drop toilet are not too far away. Water is generally available but this is variable and you should be totally self sufficient. BYO firewood, however check for any fire bans. The road off the main highway is dirt and can be in variable condition, though always 2WD friendly.

It’s always a great weekend away and a good chance to meet other climbers. There are lots of other outdoor activities in the area including kayaking, bushwalking and mountain biking.  We will be keeping a close eye on the weather.

Please note that CAWA trips are only open to current members. Non-members who are interested in coming can join online here:  Become a CAWA member.

Due to legal and liability issues, CAWA does not provide training on trips. All climbers must be independent participants who are completely responsible for themselves. If you are an inexperienced climber, then have a chat to some of the more experienced people you know and see if they are planning to attend.

If you have any queries or to register for the trip, please email me at

Nathan Cole

CAWA Committee Member