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A survey conducted among climbers in 2016 showed that there is widespread support in the WA climbing community for establishing a re-bolting fund. Such a fund can model itself on what exists in other states (Climbing Club of Tasmania and Sydney Rockclimbing Club).

Reacting to the growing groundswell, CAWA has now moved to establish the CAWA Bolting Fund, which provides selected applicants with additional funds to assist with re-bolting projects.

What is

Anybody who has climbed in WA will have noticed that the standard of bolting is varied and that there are number of routes with rusted or otherwise dangerous bolts (see photo). CAWA encourages the replacement of such bolts. The CAWA Bolting Fund provides assistance in this process.

CAWA does not encourage the placing of new bolts on established routes (“retro-bolting”), but only the replacement of already existing bolts. An exception are anchor bolts to decrease erosion.


How does the CAWA Bolting Fund work?


The CAWA Committee has allocated  $2,000.00 in 2016 to the Bolting Fund and will review further financial commitments to the Fund in years to follow. The granting of funds is discretionary. The Committee will decide on a case-to-case basis on applications received. Route rebolters must follow CAWA’s Code of Bolting and New Route Development.  Applications may take a number of weeks to be processed.  Not all applications will be successful due to the limited funds available.

Climbers who know of a route that requires re-bolting, or want to apply for a re-bolting project, should complete the Online application form below or write directly to

Members are reminded that CAWA hosts a forum topic ‘Bolting’ on the this website. Furthermore, please raise a warning about bad bolts on theCrag.

Bank trasfer

Bank Australia

  • name: Climbers Association of WA
  • BSB: 313-140
  • Account No.: 12466489


use donation box
in participating gyms


hand it over to any
committee member

Report dodgy bolts



    Climbing is considered a potentially dangerous activity.
    Rebolting, while important for maintenance, does not guarantee the safety of climbing routes.
    CAWA (Climbers Association of Western Australia) does not endorse or provide a safety guarantee for any rebolted routes.
    It is essential for all climbers to have the knowledge and skills to assess the safety of bolts on climbing routes.
    Ultimately, climbers assume their own risk when climbing rebolted routes.

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