About Us

CAWA is the representative body of climbers in Western Australia, formed in 1968, and incorporated in August 1979.

As per our constitution, CAWA’s purpose is to:​
  • promote and develop Rock Climbing, especially in Western Australia;
  • protect and promote the interests of Rock Climbers in Western Australia;
  • provide an institution for Rock Climbers to meet;
  • formulate and publish guidelines which it will promote as desired conduct by Rock Climbers, and will encourage Members and other Rock Climbers to adopt; and
  • encourage groups with similar objects to affiliate with the Association.

The management of CAWA is conducted by a committee. Any matters which may need to be brought to the attention of the committee should be addressed to the CAWA Secretary.

Address: PO Box 7125, Cloisters Square, WA 6850
Email : cawa@climberswa.asn.au
ABN: 12 124 060 866
Association number (IARN): A0790097B

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