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Our team is comprised of genuinely gifted minds


Jiri Stastny

Joined the CAWA committee to promote and save climbing in WA.
Qualification: ACIA Single Pitch Guide

I got into climbing way back in my 20’s when visiting a local crag not far from my hometown in Czechia. Unfortunately, after a few years of a great time on the rock, other activities got in the way. Still, luckily one cold spring weekend in 2015, I visited Eaglestone Rock and got utterly hooked again and haven’t stopped climbing since.


  • route/crag in WA: hmm, can’t name just one; there is so much of good climbing in WA. First to think of: Mr. Pharmacist at Peak Charles, Dancing The Deep Blue – WCH, Nailbite – Talyuberlup, Keith Goes Blank – Kalbarri, Corpus Delicti – Wilyabrup…
  • climbing area outside of WA: pretty much everything in Tasmania
  • crag snack: deconstructed falafel wrap and clif bars
  • piece of gear: DMM Alloy Offset Nuts

Closest belaytionship … rama
I dream of climbing … Pole Dancer – Tasmania. Made it to the base of the route once, but run out of time to actually climb it.


Scott Boladeras

Joined the committee to secure crag access.


  • route/crag in WA: Be Free; Walcliffe
  • climbing area outside of WA: Red River Gorge Kentucky
  • crag snack: peanut/almond/sultana/M&M mix
  • piece of gear: custom-made “attack of the 50 ft woman” chalk bag

Closest belaytionship? *hitting with Kenny Chan on a portaledge on El Cap
I dream of climbing … with my son one day soon

Janina Kluczyk

Joined the committee to Support the committee and help organise some amazing trips and events.


  • route/crag in WA: Bob’s Hollow (minus the flies)
  • climbing area outside of WA: Started climbing after I moved to WA so have yet to explore
  • crag snack: Hummus and carrots (carrots for power!)
  • piece of gear: I love research and get very excited about new gear, but my Petzl Contact has never let me down

Closest belaytionship … I have my favourites but anyone that’s attentive, supportive and has a strong grip will do 🙂
I dream of climbing … a lot!

Vice President

Jonas Hollingworth

Henry McNamee

Joined the CAWA committee to ... give back to the climbing community that has given him so much.


  • route/crag in WA: The Promenade Wall
  • climbing area outside of WA: Mt Arapiles
  • crag snack: Carrots!!
  • piece of gear: Would have to be one of my many (too many) pairs of shoes, La Sportiva of course

Closest belaytionship … @meghan_page
Joined the CAWA committee to … give back to the climbing community that has given me so much.
I dream of climbing … a free route on El Cap, maybe Freerider or Golden Gate.

Madi Rosevear

Joined the committee to promote environmental stewardship of our crags.


  • route/crag in WA: TBA – I’m a relatively new arrival from “over east”.
  • climbing area outside of WA: A close tie between Djurrite/Mt Arapiles and sea cliffs in Lutriwita/Tasmania
  • crag snack: Bhuja mix
  • piece of gear: DMM gold offset nut

Where do you dream of climbing? Pole Dancer (Tassie sea stack)

Matt Gray

Joined the committee to help people to transition to outdoor climbing and explore this very flat but very beautiful state of ours. I’m also very keen to re-bolt and upgrade the hardware on as many outdoor routes as possible.


  • route/crag in WA: Albatross on Peak Head!
  • climbing area outside of WA: I have unfortunately not explored too much outside of WA but I did some mountaineering in NZ which was fantastic.
  • crag snack: Hummus with corn chips.
  • piece of gear: Size 1 ball nut.

Closest belaytionship? My TRS devices.
Where do you dream of climbing? more alpine routes.


Greg Carter

Joined the committee to support climbing in WA


  • route/crag in WA: West Cape Howe
  • climbing area outside of WA: Mt Arapiles/ Grampians
  • crag snack: Cliff bars of course!
  • piece of gear: Tricams of all shapes, sizes and colours!

Where do you dream of climbing? in Europe, when the borders open!

David Ladkin

Joined the committee to help with Access issues and Crag clean ups etc...


  • route/crag in WA: Albatross/Peak Head plus Andromeda/West Cape Howe
  • climbing area outside of WA: Mt Arapilies in Oz, then Northumberland/Lake District in UK
  • crag snack: Granola Cookies and Condensed Milk
  • piece of gear: Whillans harness

I dream of climbing … Blade Ridge in Tasmania and MTS Cook,Tasman and Aspiring in NZ plus lots of New routes, more on Christmas Island

Felicity Millman