CAWA Calendar

CAWA Calendar is selected from the entrants of the annual CAWA Photo Competition, imagery captured by our members to keep you motivated throughout the year. The calendar runs from March to February to coincide with the CAWA Annual General Meeting.

If you missed out on purchasing a copy, please get in touch with to organise your copy.

Western Climber

Western Climber is the official climbing newsletter published by CAWA that provides general climbing articles and also an update on the local climbing scene.

As per the unanimous voting at the Adjourned AGM 2016, Western Climber will now be made publicly available online.

  • Western Climber, Issue 020 – Winter 2016: Download
  • Western Climber, Issue 021 – Spring 2017: Download
  • Western Climber, Issue 022 – Summer 2018: Download
  • Western Climber, Issue 023 – Autumn 2018: Download
  • Western Climber, Issue 024 – Winter 2018: Download
  • Western Climber, Issue 025 – Summer 2019: Download
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