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CAWA is the representative body of climbers in Western Australia, formed in 1968, and incorporated in August 1979. The management of CAWA is conducted by a committee.

CAWA’s purpose is to

  • promote and develop rock climbing, especially in WA;
  • protect and promote the interests of rock climbers in WA;
  • provide an institution for rock climbers to meet;
  • formulate and publish guidelines; and
  • encourage groups with similar objects to affiliate with the Association.

Access Subcommittee

The CAWA Access Subcommittee’s role is to identify, investigate and address access issues when they arise. If you have any access questions or issues or want to report an access issue, e-mail CAWA ([email protected]) or the CAWA Access Subcommittee ([email protected])

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By becoming a CAWA member, you not only help us work towards better and safer climbing but will get to use all the perks like discounts at shops and climbing gyms, to name a few.


Bolting fund

Have you seen dodgy bolts or anything not up to current standards? Let us know about it, make a donation and help us this CAWA’s rebolting project going.

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