If you look around the country and overseas right now, you can see that there are a number of crags at risk.

For example, CliffCare Victoria are having major issues in the Grampians:

Cliffcare Victoria Access

Another example, the private landowner has just closed access to Hillwood in Tasmania.

The US Access Fund estimates that 1 in 5 crags are at risk in the US.

With more people now climbing outdoors, we have to be more conscious of access and ethics in climbing. Access is not a right, but a privilege that can be lost at any time. The fly-under-the-radar approach is outdated. Climbers have to keep landowners onside.

Our climbing areas are under threat. Access and ethics are important. Our crags are in your hands.

What can you do?

Climbers should be familiar with as follows:

When you are planning to head to a crag be conscious of the access issues of the crag.  CAWA maintains a summary List of Restricted Areas.

The CAWA Access Subcommittee’s role is to identify, investigate and address access issues when they arise. If you have any access questions or issues or want to report an access issue you can e-mail CAWA ( or the CAWA Access Subcommittee ( or any of the CAWA Committee Members.

If you want to get involved and help with access then shoot CAWA an e-mail.


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