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    John Knight

    G’day, g’day,

    A few lads from the hangout and I are having a boulder rock trip on Saturday the 19th (the Saturday after this one). The date may get changed or people may cancel, but at the moment, anyone feel free to join us.

    We should turn up around noon, download the mini-guide at:

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    damn would love to get out to boulder rock…but work commitments prevail

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    John Knight

    Being on a saturday and all, probably worth double-checking if you’re working that day. 🙂 We should be there a good while too.

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    yep definately working all day ….. shift worker…oh well another time

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    Good day to Australia and New Zealand, hello climber,

    I will come to Australia (Sept. 05 and Jan till July 06) and New Zealand (Oct. 05 till Jan.06) and I like to climb in that time a lot … BUT I have a problem. I am on my own (with a nonclimbing girlfriend)! So I’m looking for some climbing partners in all parts of Australia and New Zealand!

    So … if you like to meet a european climber (Grad +/- 18) or if you have climbingfriends or if you have friends, who know someone who climbs or if you have a friend, who has a friend and the sister of the neighbour of that friend climbs … I am sure you know what I mean 😉

    Feel free to send this email to all people or organisations you know. I’m glad about every contact I can get (even if my girlfriend want be it ;-).

    Do you know some good internet links?

    Do you need perhaps a „Climbing Partner Wanted“-Paper for the pinboard in your climbing gym or your climbingshop? Just write a hello and you will get it …

    Thanks in advance and regards from

    Frank (

    from Germany

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