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    shane shaw

    Hi all, I have just put together a new Rock Climbing Forum and will be adding more pages and improvements as time goes by. This is just the forum, I have plans to have a front page and lots of pages of goodies for all.

    so please come and check it out.

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    Spam Fan

    Shane – ease off the self promotion.

    Spam is spam !

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    shane shaw

    it is not self promotion it is as i previously mentioned a new forum that I put together and once it is utilized by more people it will hopefull replace this one for CAWA and then CAWA will have a much better forum.

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    not a spam fan

    so shane cawa have asked you to start up an alternative forum to replace this one? strange i have heard no mention of it.

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    Yeah the Perth climbing community is not that big, we don’t need two forums (fora?)! And I don’t need further methods of procrastination while at work, I’m sticking with this one!

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    shane shaw

    not a spam fan. No they did not ask me to do this. there has been a general census that this whole site needs to be redone and they are currently in the process of talks and organising to do a complete new website. So I took it upon myself to help them out by starting a new forum that once they got there new site up and going they could re-name the new forum and take it oer as a CAWa one. If you ahve a poroblem with that I can’t help you. Di if you want to stick with this one then do whatever you want. You both sound like the type of climbers i encountered when I first started climbing , stuck up lost in the past and with no forsight to see something may be better then exists already. Still who cares there are lots of wankers in the world another 2 doesn’t matter.

    Go ahead and reply if you like but to be honest i don’t give a shit about wankers like you.

    apologies to cawa for my language here and to others who read this, however you get a bit pissed off when you try to help and people aren’t interested or just complain.

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    Ben J


    If you don’t even know Di what the hell are you talking about?? Your assumptions are full of shit. Oh, and stop spamming.

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    BEN J. assumptions are full of shit. ? I can hear your mummy calling you go home. Oh and by the way you don’t know me so you are full of shit also. go annoy someone else

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    shane shaw

    for “not a spam fan”& Ben j

    oh by the way here is the original thread where it was explained what i did and also confirmation that there was talks of replacing this forum by cawa. So if you can read, then read this and then you can make your comments intelligently

    John Knight, 20 Jan 2008

    Is this intended as a replacement for this one, due to the spam etc?


    SHANE SHAW, 20 Jan 2008

    John i am not in any way trying to replace this forum. I am a CAWA member, however I just thought it mught be a good idea to have a little bit of a change and offer an alternative Forum. I do plan on adding more pages and have heaps more information on the site as time goes by. This is a start.

    So please feel free to post and tell everyone about it. If CAWA do manage to get a new web site up and running and they want a forum then I am more then happy to talk to them about taking over mine. Thats if people visit the forum and use it.

    hope to see you there



    John Knight, 21 Jan 2008

    We were actually discussing replacing the forum at one point you see… (spam was getting terrible)


    shane shaw, 21 Jan 2008

    ok well Try the new one out and lets let everyone know about it and get them to use it and maybe people can use it and come up with suggestions on what is needed and ?I will see what I can do to put it together


    Ross, 21 Jan 2008

    Once I get to my new house and get broadband (late February) I will rehash the CAWA web site to make it easier to upload files, pics etc, making use of standard tools rather than ground up. Shane’s effort is good for thought in the meantime and his willingness to contribute will be certainly noticed by the committee!

    I think that in the long run it would be useful to have just 1 WA discussion forum and other people can contribute info, knowledge, miniguides etc via linked blogs like what I am trying to do with rossclimbing. But it is a free world and eventually people will vote with their mice (mouses?).


    Shannon, 21 Jan 2008

    Ross is probably right, wa is small enough (in population) to only need one forum, but seeing as cawa has had years to do something about this one and didn’t. Shane has, off his own bat, created a very usable forum, very easy to navigate and I reckon it should be given a chance. If cawa like it, then work something out with Shane…


    shane shaw, 21 Jan 2008

    thanks Ross and Shannon for your comments. As I mentioned previously i am more then happy to contribute to the success of CAWA and if it means 1 forum in WA then I am all for it. If everyone starts to use the new one it can easily be transfer to any new site CAWA make.

    In the mean time lets all try it and see what other people in the climbing community think needs to be done to it and lets together get a great new CAWA Site up and running.

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    Hey Shane,

    I think you forgot to mention that you have a new forum in the FEEDBACK section of this forum.


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    not a spam fan

    i think if you read the posts, what people object to is you spamming this forum. spam is spam shane and you need to be responsible for that.

    as for the rest – i have talked about wanting a new car, does that mean you will go and buy one and start sending me texts until i come and take it off you?

    btw calling di a wanker wont get you a heap of brownie points mate.

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    “I can hear your mummy calling you go home. Oh and by the way you don’t know me so you are full of shit also” gosh shane did you come up with that one all by yourself or did your 6 yo help? You sure know how to write a blinding riposte. Ouch

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    ooooh ! this is lots more fun than the bolting threads.

    its like a perth rock climbing version of “the bold and the beutifull”

    who will sleep with brook next ????

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    shane shaw

    I believe I will leave this silly arguement for better things. I am only sorry for calling Di a Wanker. Maybe I might get some brownies..

    As for brooke I wodner who is sleeping with her ? Maybe she is sleeping with another woman

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    shane shaw

    peter by the way it was actually a counter-riposte. I am also edumacated, my mother taught me to spoke when i was a children 🙂

    have a nice day.

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    John Knight

    Okay Shane, that stuff’s getting out of hand. The objection people have is that “new climbing forum” was posted within every subject of the CAWA board, and that’s what peeved us all off, I was pretty livid myself.

    While I agree that there is a “don’t care” attitude with some, and an elitist attitude with others, it’s not your place to take over and fill up the forum like that. Having a second forum in a small city is a pain, not a blessing, as it just means we have to check two boards without really gaining anything. A replacement would be fine, as long as we all agree to it, but you won’t do yourself any favours by making us all conform to Shane Shaw’s way of thinking.

    Ask first, and be polite.

    I’m a notorious frequent poster myself, but if no one cares what I have to say, I leave it be, and let them stick to their thing.

    Ask first, and be polite.

    Run it by CAWA first, we would need transfer these topic threads too….

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    shane shaw

    john thanks for the e-mail, I just got a bit pissed off today with peoples attitudes but as you say “I leave it be, and let them stick to their thing”. might do the same myself. And yes i do agree it was not the right thing to do by posting in all forums. I wonder if these others are members of CAWA.

    Anyway end of arguement back to peaceful pursuits and climbing. Oh and also reading up on the carrot wars.

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    Jeff M

    Oh No, we couldn’t possibly have a second climbing forum, that would give all the people on here with one track minds too many options, you would throw their whole lives out of whack Shane and they couldn’t possibly cope with the fact that they could alternatively check out two climbing sites! Hey but then again maybe that would just reduce their time preening their profiles on Facebook and my space. Shane seems like a good guy and all you wankers should grow up, He and even the were rabbit, unlike the rest of you actually do something rather than just bitching over problems, such as the carrots problem, many of you have whinged about carrots for years with no result maybe were rabbit will. Shane has seen a need for a easy to negotiate forum and had a go, coz lets face it this one has some serious flaws and has been the same for years, and what does he get? a whole bunch of critisism, yeah guys thats the aussie spirit eh?

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    shane shaw

    Thanks for the support Jeff I couldn’t have worded it better.

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    ed nepia

    crikey kids how about toning down the language, adults might be reading..

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    hahaha no kidding you couldn’t have worded it any better!

    this is possible THE funniest thread i have ever read!

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    Apology accepted Shane. 🙂

    Now as a wanker of the type ‘marketing wanker’ (cos that is what I do for a living) let me explain my previous post . . . .

    When you are dealing with any market, and in this case it’s WA climbers, having two resources doing exactly the same thing will only serve to confuse people. Some will use one forum, some will use another, some will use both – those who really want to get their info across will have to post to both forums, thus increasing the time expenditure.

    If I find a loose bolt on a climb I would happily report it on the forum – right now I’d have to report it on two. What if I am a lazy bugger (or simply uninformed) and only post it on one forum? That means that x% of other climbers don’t find out about said loose bolt.

    Solution: one source for all info. If CAWA wants to change their forum, cool, change the forum – don’t replicate and have two going at once.

    Happy climbing kids, once I can stuff my broken toe into my climbing shoes again you just might see me in the gyms again. Until then, please keep those marriage proposals coming, my visa expires in August. 🙂

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    shane shaw

    i understand Di. Good luck with the toe and hopefully someone good looking(like myself :)) comes along and you can stay

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    Wow. I’m glad I’m up in Lancelin and not spending all my time at a computer (like usual) or I may have got caught up in this shit. Phew! 😉

    There are no rocks in Lancelin 🙁

    Maybe I’ll go put up some first ascent boulder problems at the Pinnacles. HaHa.

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    Ben J


    Been away so just read your scary response now. I am pretty sure I met you when you entered Urban Accent before you started climbing. I chatted to you about climbing and what it would take to get into the sport. I was leading with a friend at the time.

    Ring any bells?? I could be wrong. Trying to put a face to the name.

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