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    I know this is not unusual, but my car got broken into at Churchies Beeloo end car park. Just giving everyone a heads-up. Anyone have any ways to combat this? I was thinking leaving a window down (as they smashes/jimmied my passenger side window) with nothing of value in the car. They did take a few things of ours but dumped it all further down the track, which we found when driving back. Is the other car par (Soldiers road) less risky or much a muchness. It is more of an annoying inconvenience getting window replace and detailing rather than anything, but still they could have grabbed other bits and pieces of mine if they had wanted to. I think they were only looking for cash, which we didn’t leave any of.



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    I’ve had this happen to me at Churchies too. I leave the driver side back window partially down so the door can be unlocked, and have the glove box open with nothing in it. And leave nothing in the car, at all.
    This also recently happened (again) to me at Toodyay boulders, parked on the side of the main road! Bastards. Same back driver side window. Seems no matter where I park I have to leave the car with a window down for the thieving scum.

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    Ross Weiter

    Leave windows up so car looks locked and does not tempt passers by. Leave glove box open and doors unlocked so if they want to get in they don’t have to smash glass……think of your car as an open top convertible! Have nothing in it at all: no maps, no phone holders, cables, sun shade…nothing removable.

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    Interesting logic.
    I’ve had the windows up so the car looks locked but that didn’t make the car any less tempting. If the car really was less tempting why would they then look for unlocked doors?

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    yes, window down invites people who would not normally break in to go through the car. Though if there’s nothing there no matter. Window up shy and retiring thieves may pass by, but those who go so far as to try the doors will be delighted not to have to break and enter.
    Works to an extent. but my friend Miles left his car unlocked. First day the thieves took nothing leaving the doors wide open. But next day they came back and took his battery and spare tyre.
    Miles’ mum says in bushland she stakes out the car. She says there are often big holes under the roots of fallen trees, handy for dumping the bodies.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the feedback and ideas. We will being trying the nothing at all in the car with glovebox and centre console left open approach. Window down or up…..hmmmm Down makes sense to me because if they are going to get in they will get in and some may not be smart enough too try open a door first = broken window again.

    Miles’ mum sounds pretty extreme but I can empathise!

    Cheers all, let’s hope these guys get a life or a job or just really really sick 😉

    Happy climbing

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