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    Hi all,

    I’m searching about the net for some climbing information on the routes up bluff knoll face. Can anyone suggest a site – or does CAWA have some route info available?

    About a year and a half ago I was going to climb with some friends who had first hand experience climbing Hellfire Gully (although little information written down – excepting a really really old publication with routes). Anyway, there were bush fires in the ranges and the trip was cancelled at the last minute on the advice of the park ranger.

    Unfortunately I injured my knee (badly) before a second trip could be arranged. After laying off climbing for a year or so I’m not in contact with these guys anymore, but am hoping to rekindle the dream… :o)

    I still have climbing to do to prepare, but it’s easier to train when you goals are clear.

    Any advice/information/maps/photos/ etc… would be much appreciated. Thanks



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    m mills

    go to and there you are able to type in the crags you want and it will give you a description on that particular rout.

    have fun, try not to injure that knee again r any thing else.

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