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    On my hike to Bob’s Hollow from Redgate carpark this weekend I stumbled upon some good looking boulders not too far from the car park, about 1km. Upon closer inspection I was pleasantly surised that these boulders offered substantially more lines that other boulders in the Margaret River area such as Whaleback etc. The rock is a bit futher inland and not washed as smoothly. On the first big boulder which has a beautifull gently overhanging 10m wide 4m high face and I counted about 7-8 theoretically possible lines, from moderate (V3ish) easy to plenty hard, with sit starts and good sustained moves. I am working on 2 currently. Very nice quality lines indeed.

    Does anybody know some info or established lines? Many of the boulders are basicly inaccessable for most humans due to the vegetation/herbage, except maybe the panga-yielding-snake-munching Bear Grylls types. Not sure if there was climbing done on them in the past, but certainly not recently.

    This little area have the best bouldering potential in the whole region from what I’ve seen sofar, which includes Whalebock, Smiths, Conto’s etc. and I roughly estimate could offer 30-40 lines, if offcourse there is access to all the boulders.

    Any info would be much appreciated. Would anybody be interested if I record some acsents and take some photo’s etc? Or is there a guide out already that I should know about?


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    talk to Steve or Andy. they have done lots of stuff all around redgate

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    Eric F


    Give me a call on 0419 858 023.

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    hey Eric,

    Andy and I have climbed on the boulders about 50 m North of the Redgate carpark, the ones just below the carpark, the boulder visible from the carpark at the South end of the beach and the boulders just around the corner from that boulder going south and about 40 m up the hill. In the Southern end area (around the corner) we only climbed on the Northern cluster of boulders. 20 m’s away from those boulders there are some impressive looking boulders with big roofs, we have looked several times but haven’t yet attempted anything. Keen to know where the boulders you found are.

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    Hey Steve,

    Yea sounds like the ones you are reffering to with the big roofs etc. Some of the closest ones is realy good and I’m obviously then busy with stuff you have done allready. The boulders continue south scattered all along the hill, for another 1km or so, probably 10 good ones on which I allready spotted potentialy hard stuff. Some is almost completely hidden and only the tops are sticking out giving the impression they are fairly small, but what you dont see is the 3m section below the bushes, and thats where the action is.

    there’s some that I haven’t been able to reach thats looking mighty impressive. need to buy a panga for them :-)…and probably have a chat with the park-people first before they use the panga on me…

    I’ll go down there again in the next few weeks/months to bundu-bash/explore a bit more and if the snakes don’t finish me off too soon, hopefully send some moderate stuff. if its really worth it, maybe put some photos and descriptions up somewhere for others to see??


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    Hey Eric, that sounds awesome! Photos would be wicked. It’s great to hear you are out bush-bashing and having a look around that’s most of the fun hey. I went to Kalamunda the other day and bashed around with no real idea of what to expect and found heaps of fun climbs. Then I looked at the mini-guide and saw there was much to do out there, but as for the things I found I hadn’t noticed any information regarding them. It seems there is just so much out there boulder-wise.
    I am looking to head out to whaleback in the next few weeks climb a bit and swim around to cool off. Is there a spot to tent camp nearby that you know of?
    Cheers- watch out for ticks too.

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    Hey Webb,

    Yea it looks like there is still small bits of unclimbed rock down here…or maybe just undocumented…

    I was at Whaleback few weeks ago and remember a nice looking flat sandy area ideal for camping right next to the rocks. Also didnt see any no-camping signs. the last section of road about 1/2km to this campsite you’ll need a 4×4…otherwise park your car up the road and walk your stuff down. Also take note that I can spot multiple grades harder than I can climb, so if your in need of a spotter give us a shout on 0427141227. You can never have enough spotters on those highballs mate :-). cheers.

    Eric F…will give you a ring soon.

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    go eric tear it up

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    I heard on the news today about an really bad fire by redgate road. Is the place all burned up now cause man I was nearly going this weekend. I hope the land and people thereon are alright.

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    Mike (R)

    hope the people are alright too…
    could be that the fire has cleared away some of the bush and now might be a prime time to find cool new boulders…

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    Rhys James

    fellas! i have always wondered about the boudlers down at redgate, as i have seen them on a, estate advert on tv! really super keen to try out some of these boulders, andso would a couple of my mates!

    feel free to give me a call on 0487343826, and give me plenty of warning, as i live in bunbury!!


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    Rhys James

    ps, i have camped at whaleback, and cl;imbed down there too, its GREAT!!

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    Hey guys,
    Just wondering if there’s any update on these boulders?
    Was thinking of heading down to check them out? How is the access?


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    I a-gri-gri.. I was talking to Andy about it, but was hoping for a little more info.. I am heading down that way this Sunday.


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