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    Hi Everyone

    I am coming over to Perth with my brother and our partners and are looking to get in a day of climbing. We are planning on climbing on wednesday the 11th. I am going to be bringing my rope and a small amount of sport gear/top rope stuff and have been looking at possible places to go. My brother and I climb around about 20-22 and the ladies are on 15-18 range I guess. I have singled out blackwall reach, kalamunda national park, churchmans brook, mountain quarry, and stathams quarry but I do not have the guide so I am not too sure on the specifics of these areas.
    So if anybody would like to join us for a days climbing, or could offer me a hand trying to sort somewhere out that will be good for us that would be much appreciated!!!

    I would really love to get some bouldering in but alas cannot bring my pads and the others are a bit less inclined to cut loose the way I do. So no pads means ropes are a must. Unless you have a quiver of pads and would like to put in a solid days bouldering with us!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and any help really is appreciated, I hope to hear back from someone!

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    Hi Ryan, I could meet your posse for a climb Wed 11. Mountain Q would be good, being mostly sport and having a fair selection of climbs in your grade range.

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    Excellent! My number is 0433351415. We will get in touch with you over the weekend most likely. I arrive on monday and my brother is getting there this friday.

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    Apologies. Wednesday the 11th seems to be the wrong date. I was meant to say tuesday the 10th!!!
    Hopefully you can still make it on that day!

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    Bugger! Tuesday is no good for me, sorry 🙁

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