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    A guy took a fall at Stathams on Sunday 06/02/2011 while attempting some trad climbing just around the corner from ‘Kid Rock’.

    If you are that guy, first of all I hope you are ok, that ankle looked very painful and I hope your back is still in operational condition!

    Secondly, my grey BD daisy chain was accidentally packed with your gear by the kindly gentleman who also helped you out.

    If you get this message, could you please give me a call on 0418 929 372 and I can arrange to pick it up.



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    Hi Kenny. I will try to get his contact as he said that he had contacted CAWA to get direction to where to climb around Perth.

    Cheers, Tony….the kindly gent who packed your daisy chain !!

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    Hi Tony,

    That’s ok. I managed to contact Sophie, the lady that was with Tim (who took the fall). She’s going to return my daisy chain on Wednesday.

    Thanks for helping out though.

    See you around the crags!


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    Great Kenny – Glad you got it back. See you, Tony.

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    Hey guys,

    Thanks heaps to you for helping me get down to the car. Yeah unfortunately I have a minor fracture in the ankle. Nothing too bad that requires surgery or pins and the back is pretty clear now. So in about 3 weeks all that should be broken is my pride still haha.

    Seriously who graded that climb a 14? No gear and no holds. Dont think I was off route, the description fit the location well. I think there are easier 18s around.

    Hopefully back in the game by Late March/April..

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    Hi Tim,

    Glad to see you are still in good spirits. I spoke to Sophie a bit earlier who said you had a broken ankle. We were relieved to hear your back was ok!

    Take it easy mate and see you back on the crags when you’re all patched up again!


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