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    A very serious fall happened at Statham’s Quarry (Sunday 19/03/06) and I’m interested to know how the guy is doing. If anyone knows anything, it’d be great to hear from you.

    I haven’t given any details of the accident since I’m conscious that he was not in my group and it may be inappropriate. However, if anyone wants to know, then I’m happy to tell the story.

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    This has already been discussed under ‘Climbing Talk’.

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    Gerald sadly passed away today.

    Our thoughts are with him and his family and friends. Rest in peace Gerald.

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    To Gerald’s family and friends

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    To Gerald’s family and friends,

    We are all so sorry to read of his passing. We all love our sports and pursuits, be it climbing,abseiling or any number of ways we enrich our lives. This was a horrible accident and a terrible way to lose someone and so human. Anyone of us could make that one little mistake at the wrong time.

    Take care of each other out there.

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    Thanks Judy,

    Sad as the news is, I wanted to know.

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