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    Andrew Waugh

    Hello all,

    Found on 8/1/2005, a really abused, worn down, salty, crappy, disgusting cam in crack just above the “Banana” on Banana Split – Wilyabrup. Includes equally filthy and salty and jammed up oval biner.

    No I will NEVER use this gear myself, but if the rightful owner can identify the cam (quote the number written on the cam sling, or any other plausible explanation…) then They can certainly have it back.

    Happy climbing all. :o)


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    Andrew Waugh

    … actually the cam has three letters engraved on the metal trigger guard (is a HB quad cam) – not as previously indicated a number written on the sling…

    The three letters are curious… and I’ll identify them next week. Perhaps then someone will be able to identify the owner(s)

    Andrew. :o)

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    Andrew, if this cam is in such a horrible condition, I am guessing the ‘owner’ doesn’t want it back!! And if they DO want it back, well, that’s even more frightening . . . .

    Good onya though for doing a public service and removing really unsafe pro from a climb! 🙂

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    Andrew Waugh

    The cam has “SAS” engraved into the side of the trigger guard (which if I recall is a metalic purple colour)… owner please step forward!

    Short of posting a photograph on the message board (I’d love to know how would I do that? is it possible?), this cam shall live the rest of its days as wall art in my house. :o)


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