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    Hey local climbers. I potentially will be moving to Bunbury for work in about 6-months and wanted to find out a bit of information about the climbing scene down there. As well as getting outdoors, I am a bit of a climbing gym junkie and am hoping against hope that an indoor climbing may be opened in the near future in Bunbury. I understand that one has opened recently further south. Is this on the cards or even being considered?? Do many people even climb in Bunbury? Cheers for any help.

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    Not sure Jason? Great question though. It really is a sport that is only getting more and more popular in the lasr few years. Look mate I think its all a question of time. My only real concern is the safety of tbe sport which seems to get neglected for various reason. It reminds me of a rabbit I saw once that ran off a cliff without an explanation. I don’t won’t a repeat of this event. You have to be strong sometimes.
    Sorry I can’t pro ide much relevant info. anyone else?

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    Unlikely in the next 6 months but hey one can hope. There is a small crew of keen outdoor climbers living in the area tho. I’m sure Krish or Rob will read this thread soon enough and get in contact. Otherwise check out Margaret River Climbing Buddies on Facebook.

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    No worries Ryan. Thanks for the info. I thought it might of been a stretch……

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    Hi Jason

    I too am praying for the day a climbing gym opens in Bunbury as I live in Harvey and have resorted to traversing the back wall of the local playground to get some finger strength happening. There is a small scene down here and I’ve recently met a few people at Wellington Dam, which is a tough but great little area that is only half an hour from Bunbury, if that. Obviously not helpful when it’s raining. I’d also suggest you link in with Margaret River Climbing Buddies on Facebook.

    Anyway, I can’t get out as much as I would like (damn babies) but if you post on the above Facebook site I’d be happy to catch up when possible for a climb.

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    Hi I’m a dentist in Bunbury and craving an indoor climbing gym and to get in on the scene in the sw! apparently from some of my “climber” patients there could be potentially 2 indoor gyms opening up… cant wait!! atm im just training at the anytime gym

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    2 gyms??? Really? Can you keep us posted on that one Alex? How awesome would that be!

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    I can tell you that there has been genuine interest in opening a gym in Bunbury for a while now, with at least one very serious party, as I have been approached for advice. However, I can’t tell you if and when it will happen.

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