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    i was flicking through mushys great galleries of bouldering around wa and came across a great looking boulder i would love to go check out wondering if anyone knows where abouts it is
    the gallery is just labelled New Hills Area

    there are some amazing boulders out and around Perth
    just started to explore around the place been having heaps of fun exploring all the boulders around Kalamunda
    if any one could give me any hints of other areas to look around it would be great

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    Mike (R)

    Hey Scotty, not sure you’ll have much luck. I’ve asked about some of those areas before but I guess they are either still being developed or secret areas.
    But if you do find out, I’d like to know too.
    However, I’m keen to get out and explore too. I have some ideas and my friend Matt and I might go out next week to explore one or two areas. Are you interested in going with us. More the merrier.

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    Hi Scotty. Have you tried contacting Mushy directly, as he might not be checking the CAWA forum that often? Pretty sure there is an option in Smugmug for that.

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    Hey Scotty, sorry mate the area isn’t mine and is still under development.
    What has been released to the general population is ‘Kamakazee Boulders’
    A few copies of the guide have been dropped off to the gyms for inspection.
    A few photo’s above to inspire.

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    how long does an area stay under development? those pics are from more than 3 years ago!!! i can understand people want recognition for their hard work and exploration but seriously, they are just rocks in the bush after all! if there is a guide put it out for the masses to see. what is the point of sending it to the gyms? if there are access issues then fair enough… but communicate that.

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    Mike (R)

    Good point Jason. Actually looks more like 8 years for “New Hills Area”. If you can’t send it in 8 years share it with the public and let someone else have a go. Fair enough, have a few months or even a year to try to send your super secret project but it’s not benefiting the sport to keep these areas under wraps for so long.
    I just found an awesome guide to bouldering in Canberra here: http://www.verticallifemag.com.au/2014/06/guide-canberra-bouldering/ totally free. 1000 plus problems. Great way to develop stuff and share it with the masses.
    I added up the problems in the mini guides for Perth and there are about 390. (great job on those who put them up by the way). There are also a bunch of areas that have no guides or are ‘secret’ or something. Perth bouldering really has a lot of potential. Too bad about all the secrecy.

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    I agree mike, it seems that there is too much secrecy with perth bouldering. i am currently thinking of starting a blog/website for perth bouldering to start a bit of a community and share the knowledge (areas, pictures, videos, beta ect) that is around but is so hard to find out. just wondering if anyone would be interested in a website like this??? i am willing to put in the time and effort into this but would like some feedback to see if anyone would be interested if this sort of page existed

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    Mike (R)

    Sounds good Scotty, I’d like a website like that.
    I’m probably going to check out a new area on saturday. It may or may not be a good bouldering spot. I’ve only seen pictures but it looks like it might be good. If it’s not we’ll hit some other established place on the way back and boulder for the morning. Want to put up some (possible) FAs? Or I could just keep it secret for 8 years.
    But seriously if you want to go I can give you directions and you could meet us there.
    For that matter, anyone is welcome. More pads… higher highballs.

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    Hi Mike,

    I’m also free for Saturday arvo and would be keen to check out some new areas. Also have a few of my own but haven’t development anything as i’m trying to sort out legitimate access.

    Will be at rockface this arvo if you want to chat and catchup about it.



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    Mike (R)

    Hey Haydn, we’re probably going in the morning. Busy in the arvo. still interested? I can email you details.

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