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    Sometime last week a large piece of Skywalker wall fell down.

    A block the size of a large refrigerator or so looks to have fallen off the end of the roof above the “Skywalker” traverse. More or less above areas of previous rock fall.

    The block contained at least one bolt from “Death Star” and possibly a bolt from “Premature Evacuation”.

    As such “Skywalker”, “Death Star” and “Premature Evacuation” should definitely not be climbed unless you want to risk another fridge landing on you or your friendly belayer. It doesn’t take much creativity to see how the next few blocks could come off with only mild coaxing.

    The entire wall is full of seams and the flake that is “Power Play” extends all the way underneath and through to “Skywalker”. It seems feasible (no pun intended), but unlikely, that the whole thing from “Power Play” through to “Skywalker” could peel off especially if anther block or two falls and destabilizes the upper section. “Star Wars” in particular could be rather unstable. You may not know until it is too late.

    As per Emil’s post below, the seam on “Star Wars” also seems to have grown in size over the last few years (months ?).

    For the time being I would advise staying away unless you want to end up looking like a slater made from strawberry jam.

    “Vader” and “Running with the Bulls” are probably fine, but anything in-between should be treated with extreme suspicion.

    I refer you to previous posts FYI / amusement:

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    Hopefully catastrophic collapse is unlikely since a geotech company put in large rock  bolts a few years ago. Won’t stop the occasional block falling off. A big piece fell off a few year ago.

    Cawa did make representations to Calm (early 2000s) to save the wall which Calm’s consultants had recommended should be blasted to pieces. This resulted in the drilling and reinforcement. I hope no one runs to DEC prematurely. It’d be a shame if people decide it should be turned into rubble.

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    power play is best natural gear route in perth.

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    Yah!  New climbs!  Where’s my crowbar and drill?  Do they sell Hilti glue in 200 L drums?


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    Was at Mountain quarry today and noticed at least half a dozen ‘fridge’ size blocks have come down on the Skywalker wall!! Last time i was at Mountain quarry was over a week ago and nothing had fallen off since that block came off that Neil mentioned a few weeks ago so this must have happened during the last few days.

    To me it seems the whole wall left of Power Play will keep falling apart as the cracks are getting bigger so best to stay well away from it. Its looking quite scary and dangerous now!


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    Thanks Rod and Neil.

    DEC has contacted me and is aware of the recent rock movement. They expected this to occur after the last geotech survey indicated that this is what would eventually happen. Hence the reason for the fence and signage warning of the danger-this has been in place for a long time. That climbers were still using this wall came as surprise to DEC and I explained that this section of the quarry was home to some very popular routes.

    I have indicated to DEC that there is some healthy self regulation going on here with the warnings being posted and word spreading about the risk. It was agreed that climbers must take personal responsibility if they choose to place themselves in harms way given that there is already a clear warning and barrier in place.  DEC plans to review the fence and signage but is not planning to take any other action.

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    Looks like my RP of Star Wars last year was just in time. Pity about all this, what a climb…..bummed out….


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    Ahh Ross, but wait for the great new lines along with the shit fight of rampant bolters claiming said routes when the new face becomes exposed! 😛


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