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    # Peak Charles Climbing Trip

    When: Easter 2005 (24th to 28th March)

    Who: Myself and my wife Peta are keen to go. We are asking for expressions of interest from CAWA members. Please email Glenn Sharrock at:

    Access (from CAWA website):

    For those who have the misfortune not to live in the Goldfields, Peak Charles is probably less accessible than Tajikistan. However, its many and various charms and seclusion make it worth the drive (only 820km from Perth or 2601km from Melbourne).

    There are two turnoffs south of Norseman at 55km and 70km (ie 120km north of Esperance) and these good all weather gravel roads rejoin as the Lake King road some 25km further on. 5km past this junction is the turnoff to Peak Charles. It is another 20km to the peak along a sandy but good two wheel drive road. Access from the west via Lake Grace and the Lake King road is less certain and better with a 4WD after rain. There is a 24 hour credit card operated petrol station in Lake King.

    The camping area has a five star dunny, plenty of fire wood and not quite level spots to park a tent. There is no water available or other facilities provided. Remember it is a national park so respect the area and Calm asks that we confine camping to the existing camp area. Vehicles are not common so don’t plan on breaking down. Keep in mind that there are no search and rescue facilities so be prepared. Spring and autumn are the best times to climb. Winter can be cold and wet while summer is hot, but there is always somewhere shady to play.

    Description (from CAWA website):

    Peak Charles is a large dome crafted from fine orange granite and contains many smaller faces and gullies where most routes are to be found. The rock tends to be compact and most naturally protectable lines have been climbed.

    The range of climbs should satisfy most persuasions and ambitions with longer routes tending to be easier (relatively) and slabbier while sportier routes are usually single pitch.

    Many routes have had very few ascents so beware of grades, cryptic descriptions and unfastened bits. The heat of the 1991 bushfire has caused considerable exfoliation at the base of some routes and older bright or galvanised bolts should be treated with suspicion.

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    Dear Glenn,

    This sounds like and amasing area to go climbing, with huge potential for new routes. I suspect there are few areas left in Australia that are this remote – best wishes with your trip; I am sure it will be a fantastic adventure. I would come along work prevents me…

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    I went to PC 2003. Its well worth the trip; great adventure climbing and scenery. One of my favourite places in Australia.

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    Good day to Australia and New Zealand, hello climber,

    I will come to Australia (Sept. 05 and Jan till July 06) and New Zealand (Oct. 05 till Jan.06) and I like to climb in that time a lot … BUT I have a problem. I am on my own (with a nonclimbing girlfriend)! So I’m looking for some climbing partners in all parts of Australia and New Zealand!

    So … if you like to meet a european climber (Grad +/- 18) or if you have climbingfriends or if you have friends, who know someone who climbs or if you have a friend, who has a friend and the sister of the neighbour of that friend climbs … I am sure you know what I mean 😉

    Feel free to send this email to all people or organisations you know. I’m glad about every contact I can get (even if my girlfriend want be it ;-).

    Do you know some good internet links?

    Do you need perhaps a „Climbing Partner Wanted“-Paper for the pinboard in your climbing gym or your climbingshop? Just write a hello and you will get it …

    Thanks in advance and regards from

    Frank (

    from Germany

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