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    Couple problems from mt Randall

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    Awesome video andy. Great to see some Perth bouldering vids, keep em coming

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    Mike (R)

    Awesome video. I thought you were done making them. Retired or something. And another V10 to add to the growing list. Well done. You never made a video of prize fighter did you?

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    Hey mike, no footage of prize fighting sorry. Seem to remember it being a tad bold for a solo tripod session.

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    Mike (R)

    there was a good pic on the old crankdown website. looked bold indeed.

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    Andy couple more boulders

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    Nice one
    great to have some Perth bouldering inspiration rather than watching someone climb problems in some world class spot on the other side of the earth. Good to know there are some great problems right in our backyard as well

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    Eye Candy? more like snake candy… 🙂

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    I was pushing for “snaked”

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    Mike (R)

    Those two “moderates” look good too. I remember crackdown had a couple other Mt Randall problems. Great job.

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    Andy dunsborough goodies

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    awesome problems on nice looking rock, still haven’t been down to castle rocks for a climb. is there any sort of rough guide for down there????

    are you making all these videos on the fly andy or are they older ones that you are finally getting around to editing and putting up

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    It’s all recent footage.. Seem to remember there being a rough Guide for the area on mushys smugmug account.

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    Mike (R)

    great videos. good problems. thanks.

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    Couple FA’s from the new Wyadup Rd area in the South west.

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    nice one andy, some nice looking boulders

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    Few more problems from the base of Wilyabrups northern buttress

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    Mike (R)

    Great problems! cool videos and amazing looking rock. Thanks.

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    anyone know exactly where those duns borough boulders are? i assume it is in geograph bay judging by the calmness of the water but where. near town?

    any help would be appreciated.

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    don’t worry. i found it. castle rock is near town and then copper rocks is west away from the carpark. i’ll be down there next week. looking forward to pulling on some rock!

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    Mike (R)

    Jason! I’m jealous. Hope you have a good time back bouldering in WA

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    Mike (R)

    cool. good stuff.

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    Andy Castle in the Sand

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    nice one Andy. haven’t been out mt Randall yet but this vid defiantly inspired me to go take a look

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