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    It seems that Dept of CALM contractors have done their stabilisation project at Mt Quarry at last.

    As a result, the entire wall is now covered in concrete slush and climbs between Vader and Urban Ethics (inclusive) are not climbable. The bolt rods are easily spotted by the one foot wide blobs of concrete – it looks like a tank had been shooting mudballs at the wall. What used to be the nicest and best climbing wall in Perth now looks very sad indeed.

    Is CALM planning to clean up the mess, fix up gear if needed, and make it possible to climb there again ? The results so far are….tragic.

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    I haven’t seen it yet, but if the wall really was unsafe, just maybe it would have been better to demolish it, get the dodgy rock off, even if it meant losing some climbs. At least the new faces behind could maybe have yielded something nice. Even natural faces change, and sometimes trying to keep what can’t be kept, will lose us everthing. Just me being philosophical maybe. But if it’s as bad as you say, then it’s gone anyway.

    At least we should be able to point out to CALM that maybe climbers should be consulted about the results required. What they have done sounds pointless. The face has gone anyway.

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    The point I’m making is that the face needs to be cleaned up. It is far from gone.


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    Not that I am a CALM paid geologist, but that section of the quarry seemed a lot less likely to fall down than any other randomly selected bit.

    A huge piece of rock like that (which is leaning backwards) seems very unlikely to fall. Unless some fat assailers were drilling 4m long bolts into it. That I can see, may, de-stabilise it. According to the management plan (can be found on this site) – there is allot more concrete hurling to be done. The results will be interesting to observe

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    Thern prehaps as calm needs to be contacted and a stop be put to this before we lose one of our limited areas of climable rock in the perth region.

    the preposed works in the quarry sounded as if they were being responisble in regard to climbing needs….but from the sounds of it they have had a total lack of regard to climbers and there future use of this quarry..

    any future works should be done in consultation with cawa ….

    hopefully this can be put right and repaired and any future work be done in a responsible manner.


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    I accept your point, however it wasn’t clear from your original message. If that is the case, we will need to point out to CALM, that what has been done, doesn’t give anybody anything worth having, and that it should be taken as a lesson. The contracters brief would have been to make sure the rock couldn’t fall out, which is what they would have done. All the rockbolted walls I have seen underground are totally inappropriate for climbing and from the sound of it this is what has been done. CALM, CAWA and the contracters will have to rethink procedures. Nobody who knew what was wanted could know what was going to happen and nobody who knew what was going to happen could have known that, that wasn’t what was wanted. We can move on from here. We’ll have to, but not if we don’t take time to understand why things happen like this, and to work out with CALM and the contractors, how to avoid it in future and to make good what has already been done.



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    For everyone’s information CAWA has been liaising with CALM regarding the stabilisation and development works currently being carried out at Stathams Quarry and Mountain Quarry. CALM have taken a very proactive approach and have shown a keen interest in maintaining recreational climber access to the quarries and avoiding damaging significant climbing areas.

    Re Skywalker Wall, leaving it as it is was not an option following the geotechnical survey. CALM proposed the rock bolting to try and keep the wall as it is for the benefit of climbers.

    I was the one who marked out where the rock bolts were to be installed. Under instruction from the consultant geotechnical engineer, I marked out spots that wouldn’t interfere with existing climbs in the general areas where the bolts needed to go. Hopefully once the wall is cleaned up the climbs will still be climbable. I’ve seen the rather unsightly mess than the wall is in currently however I have spoken with the CALM rep and he assured me that the quarries (including Skywalker Wall) would be cleaned up once all stabilisation works have been finished. Currently CALM is carrying out shot-creting at the quarries. At this stage I hope everyone will reserve judgement on the impact on climbing at the quarries until after the work is finished.

    Jon Gregg

    CAWA Access Officer

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    Thanks for your reply, time and effort on this one, Jon.

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    I’m from Sydney and am living in Perth for work. Recently, one of my climbing mates was over and we decided to head out to Mountain Quarry for a days climbing Perth style. On entering the quarry I couldn’t believe my eyes, what a mess! Huge drilled bolt-holes all over the place and sprayed concrete crap dripping down over the walls. I’m really surprised that you guys are so complacent about losing one of Perth’s better climbing areas. Sydney has plenty of climbing areas with dodgy to dangerous rock (the Sea Cliffs for example) but it pretty hard to imagine some government body making the sort of disgusting mess that CALM has at Mountain Quarry in the name of stabilization and redevelopment. Geotechnical survey my arse, CALM has ruined Mountain Quarry and you guys should let them know that you’re not happy so that they don’t do it again.

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