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    I have been through all the forum thread I could find and below is a list of all the routes that have been listed as being rebolted. There is an indication there are more at Walcliffe but I could only find a list of ones that were being considered not those that had been done. Any info in addition to what I have pulled together would be greatly appreciated.

    Moses rocks (replaced in 2011):
    All routes

    Willyabrup Main Wall (replaced in 2006):
    MASC’ed Boschman
    The Spin Of It
    Setting Sun
    Fat Chance

    Willyabrup Steel Wall (replaced in 2001):

    Willyabrup Northern Blocks (replaced in 2001):
    The Future Grins
    Use No SLCD’s
    Book of Funk
    Green Stone
    Well Stoned
    Power Your Mind

    Kyle (replaced in mid 1990s)
    Banana Arma Rama (replaced in 2006)
    I’m Too Sexy for My Python (replaced in 2006)

    Bobs Hollow (replaced in 2007):
    Toy Shopping
    Fire Power
    Thyeses’ Feast

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    Thanks Neil

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