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    Hi All,

    I thought that you might like to know that we have started putting up taped boulder problems around our gym again. They work in the same way with all of them eventually to be given points like at the bouldering competitions. Just in time to get us all training for a hard summer on the rock.

    Also please note that on The Hangout website we now have a guestbook. Feel free to jump on and have a read about what is going on or give comments & suggestions. Would be great to have some feed back. I have also put up a brief outline of how the Nationals went for all our WA competitors.If you are not sure, go to:

    See you all soon.

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    John Knight

    Woohoo! 🙂 * happy *

    Any of ’em gonna be V rated by any chance, or are there actually NO people in WA who know what a V route is like? 😉

    Seriously though, my friends and I will be very happy, Cheers! 🙂

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    Hi John,

    The boulder problems will be based on points that are related to general climbing grades. This is how we worked out the points for all the comps.

    Score Grade

    Less 10 8 – 11

    11 – 20 12 – 15

    21 – 30 16 – 19

    31 – 40 20 – 23

    41 – 50 24 – 27

    51 – 60 28 – 30

    Will put a chart up at The Hangout so you can work out the translations. Possibly may put V grades on them at a later date. We’ll see how they go. Hope to see you soon. Ciao.

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    Yeah, thanks Claire, I did some of them last Tue and they were ripper. Just one request: can we also have some large sloper-kind of problems (as opposed to little tweaky crimpy ones) ? They are kinder to the fingers. Thanks.

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    Sounds like you need to toughen up your fingers, Ross! 🙂

    Or make up some of your own and ask Claire to tape them! They’d have to pass the ‘eye candy’ test of course, ha ha!

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    Hi all,

    Will set a nice slopey prolem for you this week Ross. Glad to hear that you like them.

    Getting quite a bit of traffic on problems that have passed the eye candy test. Thanks Diane.

    See you all at The Hangout for a finger shredding boulder session.

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