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    anyone know the latest on the quarry? if it is still out of bounds do we have an eta for climbing again?

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    Hi Jason and anyone who’s also interested. I’ve recently spoken to someone at the Water Corp and also the DEC regarding access to the quarry. Water Corp said they were scheduled to finish work up at Welly dam in November 2011 but were unable to comment on when access to the quarry would be granted as this falls under the DEC management. The DEC were rather vague but suggested that if works were to finish in November then access to the quarry would follow soon after. Waiting in anticipation – It’s such a convenient climbing spot for me as i live in Bunbury and it’s so close but on a positive note, the closure has forced me to make more trips down south to the beautiful spots down there so i’m happy.


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    i reckon the best people to talk to would be the local tourist info centre. i was camping down there in june and the ranger and workers on site said they were done in the next 3 weeks! in fact the guy i spoke to at their office site (quarry) said all the dongas were leaving that week. water corp and dec just make some blanket statement. or betteer yet ring the rangers office.

    i am planning a trip down there end of sept and that is what i plan on doing.

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    If that’s the case then it sounds bloody good to me. I’m keen to get up there again. Note: If you’re there in Spring take some insect repellant. The March flies go crazy, i remember getting attacked by them pre-closure and it was unbearable! Sounds wussy i know, but picture having both your hands busy (climbing or belaying) and 50 or so flies all biting and sucking blood at the same time on your legs, neck, face – it’s quite distracting!

    And yes, i know it’s not ‘March’ but they still come out – i don’t think they use calendars..

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    I drove past the quary this past weekend just to have a peek. There’s no construction going on in the close vicinity, or at least, there was none when I was there. There were also some fresh chalk on one/2 routes and some happy picnic goers…

    I’ll double check the situation with the office there when we go past this or next weekend and post again…

    As for the routes, a quick assesment from the ground up gave me the impression there are still a bit of scope left for new routes. (or maybe I’m just bieng over optimistic, not sure). Anyway, what’s the ethics around bolting there? Who do we get permission from or what’s the story?

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    Peter Buzzacott

    I just called Anne at DEC Collie, on 9735 1988 and learned that the Dongas are gone and things are back to normal. Anne didn’t sound familiar with the climbing wall but said if that is what I used to do in the quarry then it is once again okay now construction is over.


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    We climbed there maybe 3 weeks ago. All is clear

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