Adjourned CAWA AGM Wednesday 16 March 2011




On Wednesday 16 February 2011 we were supposed to conduct our AGM. Even though the turnout was good in comparison to previous years, we did not have enough numbers to conduct business at the meeting. This is because we have successfully increased membership numbers and therefore require a larger number of people and proxies to achieve quorum.

I would like to thank the members who did attend or sent in proxies.

I was extremely disappointed because so much hard work has gone into improving the association and I don’t feel that asking members to either give up a small amount of their time or at least send in a proxy, is unreasonable.

As a result, we now have to conduct an adjourned AGM on Wednesday 16 March 2011. It will again be upstairs at Rosie O’Grady’s. Please arrive at 6.45 pm for a 7 pm start. Food can be purchased from the bar downstairs until 9 pm.

Members will receive an invite in the mail and there will be more emails to follow.

Please, please, please come to the meeting. We do need to elect a new committee to continue all of the good work that has been done. If you are not yet a member, it’s easy to join online.

If you really can’t make it on that evening, then please make sure you send us a quick email nominating another full member as your proxy. But please ensure that person is actually coming to the meeting. Each member can only hold five proxies.

If you are one of those who kindly provided us with your proxy and are unable to make the next meeting date, we would appreciate you updating your proxy for the next meeting.

Please see below links to the committee positions and if you have any further queries please contact us.







Dena Rao

2 responses to “Adjourned CAWA AGM Wednesday 16 March 2011”
  1. Ross Avatar

    Dear climbers,
    As Viceprez I also have something to say, and I will be less diplomatic than Dena.
    Look people, the 8 of us on the committee have put in a lot of our free time to make sure CAWA functions. Just over the last year this included a new Perth guidebook, BBQ, movie night, two social nights, several trips, monthly gym crashes, huge gym discounts, shop discounts. You thae members have enjoyed these benefits. Even you the non-members have enjoyed the forum, the free crag access and the new guide of which 200 have sold so far btw.
    Now – if you want to continue enjoying these benefits, you need to do your bit to ensure that CAWA continues to function. Apathy won’t do it. Apathy gets you no benefits and gets us screwed by vested interests.
    So, at the very least you need to give your proxy vote to one of the committee members. Just write an email which says “I xxx give my proxy vote to xxx for the AGM of 16/3/11 and email it to [email protected]“. The list of comm members is on this website under about/committee. It will take you two minutes.
    Better still, turn up in flesh. Just once in a year, do something for climbing. It does not hurt, and there is beer and food.
    If you really want to make a difference to the climbing world we live in, one of the best ways to be an activist is to volunteer for the committee. Anyone can whinge and moan, only the people who really care actually contribute (of course there are other ways to contribute: miniguides, rebolting, new routes etc). Governments don’t deal with individuals, they deal with organisations. In WA, CAWA is the only climbing organisation there is. We have lots of members but need more activists.
    I’ve been on the comm for years and have 2 kids + a full time job + I own a house that I am renovating + I climb twice a week.
    So how busy are you?
    See ya.

  2. Anon Avatar

    tsk tsk.. not the best way to get support…

    maybe you could focus on benifits etc..

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