AGM Success and New Committee

Hi All

We had a great turnout for the adjourned AGM. Quorum was definitely achieved about twice over, including the proxies (almost half the membership in total!!).

Thanks to everyone who made the effort and to those who have taken on committee positions.

Please welcome Kylie West, Robin Booth, Tony Brebner, Dave Wauge, Brenton Forrest and Katrina Forrest. Kylie is treasurer and the remaining five have taken on general committee positions. A couple of other members also expressed interest in committee positions after the meeting.

The first committee meeting will be held soon and the names of the new committee members and their positions will posted on the website. None of the old committee renominated. We do not have a full committee but the incoming group are taking their new responsibilities very seriously and looking forward to continuing the good work.

Roles are still being organised but there is not currently a president or vice president. This is not ideal but what is most important right now is to be able to continue to provide member services. With the committee that has been elected, I am happy to be able to tell you I am confident that will happen.

Concern was expressed about continuity at the meeting last night, because none of the outgoing committee is making a comeback. I completely understand this and it is a valid concern. However, as I mentioned last night, there will be a thorough handover and I, as well as others such as Phil and Ross will be on hand to answer questions. I have put a phenomenal amount of time and energy into this association so even though I need a break, I am certainly not going to just turn my back on it because I am no longer president. I know that in some ways I am going to find it incredibly difficult to ‘let go’. I would certainly consider being on the committee again. It has at times been very challenging but also rewarding. I’m sure I will see many of you again soon.


Dena Rao
Outgoing CAWA President

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