CAWA Members “Knots Knight”

CAWA Members “Knots Knight”

CAWA’s famous Knots Knight…Come down and learn how to tie those knots which any climber should know.

From the simple clove hitch to the more advanced prusik, and a lot in between! We will be demonstrating how to tie these knots and then taking you through the whole process.

Additionally we will be discussing in what general situations you could end up using these knots. From tying into the end of a rope, to which knots to use to set up anchors and belay anchors.

CAWA is providing this as an “information only” evening, this is not instructional.


Cnr James & Milligan Streets Northbridge, Perth WA 6003

When  : Wednesday 29th February, 7:30pm-8:30/9:00pm (depends how long it takes to untie yourself!)

Why    : Cause we love it. Come and meet some new members, share a laugh.

What to bring : If you have them, then bring your harness and some short lengths of rope & tape to practice with also bring your climbing rope if you have one.

Food & Drink : Can be purchased downstairs.

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