Great CAWA AGM 2012 turnout…

At the CAWA AGM for 2012, we had a fantastic turnout of over 70 members and guests enjoying quite an eventful evening.

The “new-look” AGM seemed to go down a treat with a Steve Job’s style presentation, but with less gadgets and more jokes !

Significantly the 2012 CAWA Committee was endorsed and the motion to accept the new Committee was passed unanimously. I am honoured to represent you as CAWA President again for 2012. I am also very happy and grateful to have Kate Swain with us on the Committee this year as Vice-President. Kylie West, Janice Tong and Brenton Forrest continue on the Committee with us and we welcome to the Committee for 2012, Anthony Brandis, Trevor Peter, Mark Kleinman, Walley Jones and George Firth.

In your Committee for 2012 you have a very strong and competent group. We continue to deliver on our mission and vision for the CAWA Membership and all climbers in Western Australia.

Highlight of the evening was an enthralling presentation by Patrick Hollingworth on his story and lead up to summiting Mt Everest in 2010. It was an inspirational and emotional journey that he undertook over a number of years, and with his talk, he brought us along to the top of the world with him and his Sherpa friends. Thanks Patrick, quite a journey !!

The Photo Competition was a hit, coolly run by Kate. The CAWA Calendars were also a sought after item – $10ea only 25 left, so please drop an email to us if you want one.

We recognise and respect the words from long serving CAWA Member, Mike Adams last night, and thank him for his endorsement and words of encouragement. Thank you for speaking for the CAWA Membership Mike.

So we’ve talked the talk – so now we must walk the walk. Come along on the journey – it will be fun.

Many thanks from your Committee of 2012 and

Tony Brebner

CAWA President

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