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The booking system for Mountain and Stathams quarries changed in 2012. See a previous post here with the relevant information:


I have recently had some feedback from DPaW (Department of Parks and Wildlife) that on duty officers have been receiving phone calls as early as 5 am on the weekends. You are not phoning an office, you are phoning some poor person at home who is on call in the event of a genuine emergency such as a fire and whose phone is on at all times.

The previous couple of posts clearly state that phone bookings are to be made between 8 am and 4 pm. Please show some consideration and make your booking at a reasonable time. Wherever possible, please book in advance during the week. I know that decisions to climb may be made the night before, however if you are out at the quarry phoning the ranger at 5 or 6 am then you would have made the decision to climb the day before and can make the booking then.

This summer the early morning calls have been an issue and climbers who phone the duty officer from the quarry gate before 8 am may in future be told to call back at that time.


Dena Rao

CAWA President






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