Rescue Practise Day



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Rescue Practise Day

A key part of climbing, particularly in remote locations or when multi-pitching, but also on single pitch sports climbs, is some basic knowledge of rescue techniques.  This can be self-rescue, like how to place and use a prussic, how to escape a belay and how to tie and use a munter hitch for rappelling (if you happen to drop your belay device for example).

I use these skills little these days, so I’m keen to practise my rescue skills, dust off the cobwebs of the mind and refresh myself of what to do and how to do it.  That way in the event that I need them, I can do what I need to efficiently and with minimal fuss, so I can get on with doing more climbing!

This is an Invitation to anyone else who would like to join myself and Jonas Hollingworth at Mountain Quarry on Sunday 18th November from 2pm onwards to practise:

  1. Rappelling with a leg prussic
  2. Alternate methods of rappelling: munter hitch, double wrap, extra friction etc.
  3. Tying off abseil devices
  4. Turning your seat harness into a full body harness
  5. Prussicing single and double on an overhanging face
  6. Using natural anchors and principles of anchor points (maybe revision for some)
  7. Basic pulley systems with auto block
  8. Assisted hoist (lead climber hoisting the follower up if s/he can’t climb on)

Please note: This is NOT an instruction class.

If you’d like to come along, or have any questions, please send me an email as I’ve booked the quarry for 30 people on Sunday 18th November, meeting at 2pm.  Afternoon shade should be kicking in then.

Email registration or enquiries to: [email protected]

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