Sport Climbing WA, Skyfall Lead Climbing Competition

Skyfall Lead Climbing Competition

Hello CAWA folk.  With climbing entering the Olypmics in 2020 Tokyo the competition scene in Perth is Taking off.  There is stoke everywhere to pull hard on plastic and scream like Ondra.

The oportunity arrises at City Summit on Saturday, 14 October 2017 and Sunday, 15 October 2017. They will be hosting the Skyfall Lead Climbing Compeition (This is in bold because I am excited and shouting).

According to the organisers the competition will be the first IFSC World Cup format Lead Climbing Competition to be held in Perth.

This event is a Sport Climbing WA event and membership for the event is required.

CAWA supports the development of sport climbing in WA and encourages members to sign up.  This is a great opportunity for members.

With that in mind any CAWA members who sign up will receive a subsidy of $15.00 towards their entry fee and in addition CAWA will fund selected junior members who enter the competition.

For more information see the following link:

Early bird entries close on 24 September.

Regular entries close on 8 October.

I know CAWA folk tend to prefer the outdoor stuff but I can tell you %100 it’s gonna be raining that weekend so get on down to City Summit and have a climb and more importantly build the community.

See youse all there.

Gareth Wood

CAWA President

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