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    it would be cool if people could put up pics of new problems/routes they have sent and reference them on some kind of map… like if someone did something new at pipelines for example they could just take a photo and describe it and it would automatically be added to a list/map of pipelines climbs or something. just an idea

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    Luke B

    Good idea – the problem would be getting enough participation to make it worth doing. Any of us could easily host such a webpage, but we’d need to be in contact with the people doing the new problems. I suspect it’d be like herding cats, or however the saying goes.

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    Luke B

    Having said that, if there is enough interest, let’s do it!

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    Mike (R)

    They kind of do it at Mountain Project already. Too bad you can’t embed pics right into this forum. then you would just go to the one about Pipelines and paste it into your post. Is it possible to change something so we can do that?

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    Mark Weatherill

    This is something we have wanted to do for a while. File uploads are a serious security challenge so it requires migrating these forums to use some standard forum software which allows image uploads (e.g., phpBB or Vanilla). The only impediment is my time so if anyone has the skills required for integrating a forum into WordPress then I’m happy to work with them.

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    Hi Mark,

    I work in IT and was just playing around with WordPress after reading your post. Good software and looks pretty extensible. I have a few questions about how the CAWA site is setup. Are you at Rockface any evening to chat? Hynek_Bouska at hotmail dot com.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Thanks Hynek, I have sent you an email.

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    Mark – Intent will be to make the photo page more interactive. Seems like the photos have been static for some time. Cheers, Tony

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