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    Ashley List

    CAWA Members,

    I am in the process of sorting at trip to Willabrup (Margaret River) over the Anzac weekend. Though the trip is strictly for members, should you know of anyone who is interested in climbing, or who climbs and is thinking of joining bring them along so we introduce our self’s.

    Having scouted out the area before, there is some very good climbing to be had at ALL grades! Though you’ll need some trad gear, or know someone with the kit to barrow. If you’re stuck with kit drop me a line as I know a few possible members who may be going with kit, so we can pool resources and the like.

    As time is of the essence, I could do with an idea of numbers so that I can sort our accommodation. If you’re interested please let me know ASAP.

    Looking to hearing from you all.


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    Michael Strack

    Going caving up to Nambung that weekend sorry Ashley!


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    Hi Ashley,

    I am not yet a member of CAWA but I would like to see what it is about and the ANZAC weekend trip sounds like a great way to meet more experienced climbers and maybe learn more about climbing.

    I have climbed a few times outdoors but I am still solidly in the teens. I have a rope, some draws and a few nuts. And a car.

    My email is senortodd at hotmail dot com. I would also be interested in joining the informal mailing list that I heard about in another thread, just just to get out and meet some people.



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    Hi Todd

    I thought that informal mailing list is for members only. I think that thread was referring to a blogger who was already a member of CAWA. Join!

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    I’ve droped you an email. Though i am heading to the rocface to night if you want to catch up.


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    David Wyndham

    There are a couple of informal mailing lists that I know of. There is one that is generally looked after by Phillip C, which is predominantly CAWA members. There is another one that I started which is now looked after by Trevor P, mostly UWA ODC members who got sick of the UWA politics and just wanted to climb.

    Neither lists have any membership requirements, they tend to work as informal announcements of where the person sending the email is planning on heading, and work as a good way of making sure there will be at least someone else at a crag to climb with.

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    I joined CAWA last weekend and I’m really keen for this week end! But I still haven’t received any mail about the place and so on.. Please can you send me that at kevinlemeur22@hotmail.com cheers

    the week end is coming soon!

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    Paul M

    Yeah I’d like to go..provided I sort myself out a lift in time.

    If anyone has room for one extra my numbers 0423 151 421


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