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    Can anybody please answer these questions?

    Who did the first ascent of Constructive Vandalism and when?

    What is the name of the line between Shaved Cat and Mr Grey? or is it still a project?

    What is the name of the line between Juggernaut and Stalagasaurus?

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    So I’m thinking that if nobody has claimed the FA of
    The 19 then I might just make one up, it’s for the new
    guide book UNLESS, someone, anyone would like to. I think
    it’s better than unknown. Also if somebody has climbed the
    hard one between Mr Grey and Shaved Cat, then, could they
    think of a name for it?

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    I got in contact with Logan re the climb between shaved cat and Mr Grey. To his knowledge is hasn’t been done. He has been on it and done all the moves but comments it’s very contrived to actually stay on route so never put in the extra effort to send it.

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    Thanks Ryan! and Logan! that’s great I will add this info.
    One other thing. Does anybody know who did the FIRST ASCENT of MAN SHOPPING? and when?

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    Might need to check with Pat Turner for that one Rob.

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    Thanks B! I guess either Pat Turner or Logan Barber did the FA

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