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    Forgive my ignorance and lack of experience but can someone give me the low down on all the lingo when it comes to bolts? 5br, dbb, 3bb, etc… I think i know a little, but would love it explained properly!… Will do a course soon when i can get somewhere that runs them, but just want a little info so I can get my head around it and be prepared. PS removable bolt plates are for carrots yeah? and fixed hangers for bolts with nuts on them? Ive heard 10mm hole is standard but what angle plate is more commonly used? Or should I just experiment with different types ay… Cheers heaps

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    BR – bolt runner (bolt)

    DBB – double bolt belay

    3BB – triple bolt belay

    Removable bolt plates are for bolts that don’t have a fixed bolt plate

    Buy 90deg PFH plates, they are most versatile and esiest to place/clip.

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    By a few of each bolt plate as not all plates fit the bolts out there in the big bad world. I have had plates come off once clipped and know of two others that this has happened to. Before anyone accusses me of improper placement let me assure you i and the other two are extremely capable of placing and clipping them properly.


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    Thanks guys it all makes sense now. Cheers for the replies

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