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    As an ex-CAWA committe member, I am very confused. There has been talk of changing the website for a very long time, mainly due to the lack of webmaster. Now that someone has come along and created a new forum which he appears to be happy to maintain, he’s called upon to defend his actions. As I remember it, the main problem that CAWA faces is people talking and not doing. Now that someone is doing something, why is he drawing so much flak? (Toc, I know how much you do…I’m not talking about you! And Ross, I think the CAWA events page was a particularly good idea, and I think your climbing website is great). Why would you say that Shane’s enthusiam will be noted by the committee and start up a whole new website when he’s already done the work? If you don’t like some aspect of the site, why can’t you negotiate that with him? Shane has made it perfectly clear that he has not set himself up in competition with CAWA. I think it’s great to see this kind of initiative and he deserves more than a pat on the head for it. And more respect from the climbing community in general.

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    shane shaw

    marianne thanks for the pat on the back. You have said it all. ALl I have done is taken the time to do something for the climbing community and all I seem to have got is a balling for it. I have only been involved in climbing since june 2007 but have already noed where improvements nbeed to be made. Number 1 Toc should be paid for the work he does. The man is equal to Moses. seems that there a re few climbers who believe it is an elitist sport and people like me aren’t allowed to play. However thanks to the majority of climbers and cawa memebers I have climbed with you are all a great bunch of people. I look forward to the next CAWA trip.

    Toc Foale for Prime Minister………

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    No one gave Shane any flak for creating a separate forum. The only negative comments made were from members who were annoyed that Shane was spamming the CAWA forums to promote it. Seeing as most people want a new forum to be made due to spam, a few members saw it as highly ironic.

    That’s not to say I was one of those members. And I’m more than sure that Shane knows I never had any problem. His new forums is far more user friendly and organized than this one.

    I think calling people out about complaining about a separate forum isn’t quite fair, let alone accurate; seeing as it never happened.

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    Bounce……Hare, hare. Action required! Less Talk!…..Bounce

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    Elliot, the reason I wrote this post under CAWA feedback was because I was hoping to get an update on what was happening with the CAWA website. Maybe that was a little unclear in my phrasing though! I posted it in this forum so that I wouldn’t have to engage in any endless discussions on whether what Shane did constitutes spam etc etc. Anyway, I should just ask Toc in person next time I see him 🙂 All this talk on the website of people taking down climbs when there are so few climbs around Perth leaves me feeling a bit depressed so it’s better that I go easy on the website anyway!

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