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    Matt J

    Went out to dreaded boulders today and came back to my car to find the back window smashed and a number of my climbing equipment stolen.
    They took a GPS, but aside from that I lost:

    3 x BD210271 Positron screwgate
    2 x BD380058 18mm nylon 30cm runner
    2 x BD380060 18mm nylon 60cm runner
    1 x RC105.60 Top Gun II 10.5mm DC 60M
    10 x BD381044 Positron Quickdraw

    Rope rope Green/Blue in colour and only been used twice indoor so very good condition

    Please keep an eye out if you see people in the gyms/quarries if they have a rope like this; as you can all probably tell, I’d like it back.

    On a side note, park your cars where you can see them…


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    Mike (R)

    that sucks. where were you parked? we found that if your car can do it you can open that gate (it’s just attached by wire) and drive all the way up the powerlines. hope you find your stuff

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    Matt J

    Was parked outside that white gate. Didn’t even look to see if it could be opened but will definitely do it next time. Got a 4×4 so getting up there shouldn’ tbe too much of a problem. Thanks- Hopefully a lesson to some others who venture out that way. You can never be too careful.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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