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    Is it possible to search the forum for old posts.?

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    Mark Weatherill

    The easiest way is to search using google and adding “” to the start of your search.

    E.g., Wallcliffe

    One day I’ll integrate google search into the site – your post has reminded me to get on with it 🙂

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    Mark Weatherill

    I’ve now added a “Google Custom Search” box to the site.  If anyone encounters issues then please let me know.

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    The search function seems to work well enough, but the main menu toolbar is not working as usuall, the first three tabs ie “home” are no longer visible, tho do still appear to work.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Hmmm, the stylesheet might be cached in your browser – I tried something to fix that so let me know if it is still happening. And if so, what browser/version are you using?

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    If by browser you mean Explorer or Fire Fox, i use Fire Fox. Beyond that i couldn’t tell you, i just like to play on rocks…

    Either way whatever you did fixed the problem, all good now.

    Cheers on the helpfull update 🙂

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    Paul Williams

    Hi I cannot find any info on here for beginners ie where to start equipment needed ,training  or should I just go to one of the shops and inquire

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    Mark Weatherill

    Hi Paul, did you see the page here:

    If you have some specific questions that aren’t answered there then people in the forums are usually pretty helpful.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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