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    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought some sheets of Vibram XS Grip resoling rubber.

    The minimum purchase was a few sheets – which is more than I wanted, so I have a couple of sheets spare.

    The sheets are 5 mm thick and 640 x 930 mm. Price is $275 a sheet and a sheet will do about 9 – 12 full resoles or about 12 – 20 half-resoles, depending of course on the size of the shoe. I’m willing to cut the sheets, so price for a half-sheet (640 x 465 mm) is $150; a quarter (320 x 465 mm) is $75; an eighth (320 x 233 mm) is $40; a sixteen (233 x 160 mm) is $20. Sizes are approximate.

    I have had two pairs of my shoes resoled by a shoe repairer and he charges $25 to do the work. He does a pretty good and neat job. I’ve also tried resoling a couple of pairs myself and it’s not too hard to do, although nowhere as neat as having it done professionally!

    I’ve climbed at Statham’s and Willys using both the professionally resoled and my home-made ones and they are both excellent – the rubber is very sticky.

    If anyone wants some rubber, email me at

    I can also arrange to have the shoes done by the guy that did mine, or I can give some hints on doing it yourself.

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