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    In Boya Quarry in the West Bay, two sets of anchors could do with an upgrade from just chains to fixed hangers or ring bolts (anything but Bunnings chains);

    The West Bay main wall, anchors for Cool Under Fire (17) and Prosecutor and Executioner (22).
    The Chick Magnet Buttress, the one set of anchors for all climbs there.

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    Kalbarri – The rattler: All nuts have recently been tighten up using a 17 size wrench + LOCTITE Glue.

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    Kangaroo rock – Cape le grande
    Back in Jan 2015 a few of the shiny new(ish) SS nuts holding the hanger were loose or only finger tight on Music wall. I don’t know what has loosened them (poor rock? corrosion? glue not set?). We didn’t have a spanner on hand so just finger tightened them 🙂 Anyone heading down (who knows what they are doing) might want to consider checking them out, taking a spanner and maybe a little dab of loctite to hold them in place? I’m not sure what sort of bolts they are (glue-in or expansion?), overtightening might crack the glue in the hole???

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    The first bolt on Practical Visionaries (20) on Fox Wall at Oakley Falls is very loose.

Viewing 4 posts - 26 through 29 (of 29 total)
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