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    Claire Devereux

    Re.Request for support.

    Hi to all CAWA Members and Non Members.

    Just a note to ask for your support in developing the Perth climbing community. As some of you may know The Hangout will be holding 2 rounds of the WA Bouldering Series. Round 1 on Sunday 8th June and Round 3 on Sunday 3rd August. Rockface will be holding Round 2 on Sunday 6th July and Final Round 4 on Sunday 14th September.

    In the lead up to our part of the WA bouldering Series things are coming along quite nicely. We have a lot of interest and the support of sponsors such as Mainpeak and Mountain Designs.

    What we are trying to achieve for this year is to not only encourage climbers but also novice and beginners to enter as well. If we can get a turnout like last years 63 competitors that would be great.

    What I would really like to see this year is more CAWA Members. We had a few last year but not nearly enough considering the amount of members. It would be much appreciated if you are not interested in competing that you could give your support on the night and become a judge. The judges role is to watch competitors as they climb in the two and a half hour pumpfest and mark them off once they have done the problem. The more judges we can get the easier the judges job becomes. (Climbing starts at 4pm.)

    So please if you are interested in finding out more or giving your support please call

    Claire Devereux at The Hangout on 9371 9939 (Mon-Fri day time) or on my mobile 0438 716 047 and I can give you further details.

    Thank you in anticipation.

    Claire Devereux


    The Hangout

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    Chris Dorrian

    Hi Claire,

    CAWA would like to help out and will try to rustle up support with some judges. We will also make sure all members know about the event.

    You know there were probably more cawa members that entered the bouldering comp last year than you think.

    Last year’s event was good fun and well organised. I’m looking forward to competing again and hoping to do a little better this time.



    (CAWA vice-pres)

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    Will there be a category for ‘intermediates?’ The stuff I saw from last year showed novice, veterans, and open categories- I’m not novice, not yet old enough to be a veteran, but know I would come in dead last in open (I know some of those people)! Perhaps a category where those of us who really are intermediate would be helpful to get more climbers involved?? I’d love to enter, but I’d like to be somewhat competitive . . . .

    Failing that you may just get another judge!

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    That is a really great point. I only have one problem in making another category for our intermediate climbers and that is that we have to run it the same way as the National Series. The ASCF (Australian Sport Climbing Federation)has set guidelines that we are requested to follow. I will try and contact them and find out if we are able to make an A Division Open that gets a WA Ranking and a B Division Open (Intermediate) that won’t be ranked for those who want a go but don’t want to compete with the best.

    Leave it with me and I will post you on the result.

    Fingers crossed.

    Regards Claire

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    I have spoken to the ASCF in regard to having an intemediate category. I did also look into last years figures of how many competitors we had and whether it would be justifiable.

    At this point in time we can’t make an intermediate category. There just isn’t enought competitors. Depending on how the series takes off this year we may be able to do that next year.

    Apologies but please don’t be discouraged as there will be spot prizes and encouragement awards. This sort of competition is great fun so please do come down and have a go.

    Look forward to seeing you at the comps.



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    Thanks for trying Claire! I think I’ve been convinced to enter the Opens; hopefully I can improve my scores from comp to comp- a moral victory! 🙂

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