WARNING: Car park break-ins

The CAWA committee has just received an email from some unfortunate climbers who experienced the joy of returning from a day of climbing to find all their cars had been broken into.  This happened Sunday just gone at Churchman’s Brook. 

It’s one of those things where it’s hard to suggest how to avoid this when you have to park in secluded areas to get to the climbing.  An obvious suggestion is to not leave anything of value in your car and to leave the glove box/centre console etc open so it can be seen that there is nothing worth stealing.  This, of course, does not mean your window won’t be broken just for the hell of it.

(I myself experienced my car being broken into when I had my entire tape collection in the car – yes, tapes, pre the invention of CD’s – and NOT ONE TAPE was taken!  I was most offended.  What is wrong with Cat Stevens?  They took my ashtray in spite).

More recently, I had my car broken into when I parked at the top of Statham’s Quarry as I had not got the gate code that weekend.  I doubt anyone else would be this silly, but just in case, it is worth calling DEC on 9295 2244 to get the gate codes for places like Mountain Quarry and Stathams to avoid this happening to you. 

To the victims, thanks for letting us know and we’re sorry you had to go through this. 

CAWA Treasurer/Memberships

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