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    Mike File

    Hi I got this message from a German friend who was visting WA a while ago, might be worth noting/repeating????

    “By the way, I donk know if there is a forum / a way of reporting new routes

    in Western Australia. When we where there, I’ve opend a route and maybe it

    is a good idea to give this information to the peopel who climb there. do

    you want to foreward this infos for me?

    25. 03. 05


    “Stop over” 28, 2 bolts, the wall between “sir lancelot” and “guinevere”

    straight up, at the first bolt diagonally left to 2. bolt and straight up to

    the top. (lead after toproping, a first bolt should be addet, the hole is

    already there. In that stage dangerous to the 1. bolt.)

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    Sorry about the spelling should be Porongurups

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    Do you know where in the Pongies that is? Castle Rock? E

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    castle rock.

    its the same bay as karma, just left a bit.

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    Hey Emil,

    This sounds alot like the route we were top roping a while ago. Had a hard move towards the top but 28? Or am i thinking of a diff face route to the left of Karma.

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    Yep, thats where i thought it was. nope, 28 is a bit stiff i reckon. Probably gonna change though – that wall is as loose as bluff knoll

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